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as promised.... proof positive we're knee deep in babyjesus

how about some ho- ho- holiday pics of the seasonal clutter around the house to start the day?

we'll start with a little cuteness:
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don't get these two confused- city first, country second...

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i really don't get this one at all:
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what am i supposed to ask you almighty seashell angel? why are your eyes like that? are you hungover? seek? say what? and knock?? knock what? knock you?

jesus, jesus and more jesus....
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hidden on top of the cookbooks

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these ones have four leaf clovers on them... i didn't know jesus was from dublin....

these guys we shoved under the rack 'o' china:
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and no holiday home is complete without a tiny shrunken wooden one as well-
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a little off the topic, but i stepped out the back door to take out the trash last night and walked right into mothfest2005. it was gross- anyone know any good moth recipes? this warm weather must have them all confused...
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oh my.... don't they make a cream for that?

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perhaps mick should think about that little thing called RETIREMENT... ?

60 degrees

howdy-ho lil partners... it's nearly december and 60 and sunny in boston today. i wonder if the locusts will be here before lunch? i should check www.wherearethelocusts.com for the latest biblical calamity forecast for our area. you know massachusetts is always under some sort of conservative christian watch or warning ;)

i'm finally starting to wake up after sleepwalking through the first part of my day. i have no idea why i was so sleepy this morning- slept fine, only one glass of wine last night, not up for the day at 4am like jmo was. could it be because this is my first day back at work since last wednesday and i really don't want to deal with figuring out how to get 30 canadians from places like winnipeg and saskatoon to belize for new year's? maybe it's because i still have mashed potatoes and stuffing coursing through my veins? or perhaps the sudden absence of my daily anti-depressant soy gingerbread latte from stahbies is taking its toll... well, whatever the reason the fog is lifting.

when i get home tonight i'll have to take some photos for the xmas explosion that happened in our home this weekend. jmo and i have been working overtime trying to scatter the babyjesus creche/nativity scenes that are popping up everywhere... what i want to know is who fed mary and joseph after midnight? oh yes, 'tis the season. that's right- the chimney's been greased with santalube, the tree's up (complete with a colony of seashell angels and a herd of walnut mice and even a creepy fetus-esque seahorse), everyone has a homemade stocking hanging from the mantle (including the mildly retarded deaf cat and the hairfest pukebag gimp of cat that both belong to momma jmo), and there is not one, but TWO complete christmas village type deals in the dining room. one is 'city' and one is 'country.' i nearly commited a deadly holidayvillagefauxpas when i suggested one of the sets of battery operated street lights be used with the country village instead of cramming them both in with the city. silly me- street lights in the country??

the best part is when blimpie hops up into the middle of the country village and settles in for a nap on the cotton 'snow.' it's like a scene from catzilla vs. national lampoon's honey i shrunk the christmas peoples.

i must confess- i really do love the holidays, though. yesterday in biology class i spent an hour figuring out what kinds of cookies i'm going to make this year and then proceeded to make most of my shopping list- it was either that or drool away to the drone of endoplasmic reticulums and mitochondria. 2 weeks of classes to go and the semester is over, praise be.

ok- it's noon now and my tummy is rumbling. more later.


sleeping beauties....

if this doesn't melt cho butter.... ;)

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holy leftovers

well, it's saturday morning and the post-thanksgiving gluttondust has settled. we all had a wonderful day and ate/drank ourselves stupid. after working our butts off on wednesday evening to get everything ready i was up at 5am thursday morning to drive up to new hampshire to meet my grandma (she was a little nervous about driving from maine all the way to boston on her own). once i got north of boston it was snowing like a mo'fo-
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definitely a little more of an adventure than i had in mind....

but the rest of the day went well and it was nice to just sit around the fire all day and graze. the food got rave reviews, so the minions were happy.

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yesterday after seeing my grandma off we headed out for the 5th year of day after thanksgiving tree fetching:
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i guess there's no turning back now- 29 days until xmas.

hope everyone had a good thanksgiving and good luck disposing of all those leftovers. we can barely close the fridge.... although truth be told, there's nothing like stuffing and mashed potatoes for breakfast, lunch and dinner ;)


happy thanksgiving eve

so later this afternoon j.mo and i will leave work early to rush home and begin the annual foodprep marathon. it's a lot of work, but i love every minute of it. hours in the kitchen with my guy, our kickass kitchenaid mixer and multiple root vegetables- how could you go wrong??

there's no porn like foodporn :)

here's the menu- BYOT (bring your own turkey, of course)
tomato and spinach soup
roasted mashed butternut squash
lil g's garlic and basil mashed potatoes (with the skins left on)
maple clove sweet potatoes
j.mo's world famous stuffing
green bean and tomato salad
homemade cranberry sauce
pumpkin and cranberry bread
homemade cinnamon rolls and vanilla soy/ice cream for dessert

after a long day of eating everyone will be happy and paralyzed and passed out in front of the fire. now that's what i call a holiday. although i remember as a kid how i really could care less about thanksgiving- with christmas right around the corner that meant a tree with mounds of gifts would be waiting for us- fuck the turkey... i was holding out for a battery operated keyboard and glow in the dark socks.

but then you get older and you realise the impermanence of it all- so an entire holiday devoted to a homecooked meal and time spent with your family really becomes one of the simplest pleasures around.

so whatever it is you're up to on thanksgiving i hope you have an excellent day... and when the mashed potatoes come 'round for the second time go your hardest- i know i will ;)



pint-sized rage

chixie's been leaving comments lately and i'm lovin' it-

i totally had a chixie-inspired flashback today in the midst of whiling my workday away:

dim the lights- a little hit of the fog machine:

a few years ago we were about to step off the curb to cross boylston street in back bay to wander back to work. all of a sudden there was this buzzing/2-hair-dryers- running-at-once kinda noise and it was getting louder by the second...

and then (and forgive me for my lack of poltical correctness) a tiny midget streaked by on a tiny midget motorcycle.

naturally we were both staring in that 'holy shit- are you seeing this tiny midget on a tiny midget motorcycle too?? or was there acid in *only my* spring roll?' and since we were gawking at her, that little speeding midget gave us the dirtiest, meanest little midget scowl you can imagine- like we should have been used to seeing the shrunken circus speeding past!

still one of the funniest moments of my life. thank god/buddha/oprah someone else was there with me. :)

if only i could connect the usb for the digital camera to my head so you could see it all on instant replay. i'm sure that will come as a standard feature of the next i-pod.

!viva la france!

they should have let her go...

supersize my umbrella

in this country's boundless quest to turn everything (and everyone) into the equivalent dimensions of a 94oz mega slurpee, yet another once-upon-a-time-perfectly-proportioned functional daily tool has been supersized into absurdity: our crap weather friend, the umbrella.

what was once a pint-sized collapsable tanlge of cheap metal and semi-waterproof (and highly flammable) fabric has become nothing short of the overgrown brainchild of some MIT nerd's failed collaboration with the us military to produce better parachutes for the space shuttle. umbrellas are out of control- they're beyond huge. so huge that it makes the amply proportioned average american standing under them look normal-sized. i suppose all these gigantified things in our lives are supposed to make us feel better about being fat overconsuming slobs- if you're life isn't the size of an escalade and you don't get biggie fries with your lunch then something's wrong.

we're talking 15lb endangered redwood handles and canopies with a wingspan of 10 feet. some of them even have a second umbrella popping out of the top- an upper umbrella to keep the lower umbrella dry? and those little metal spikey bits poking out all around the edge? 6 inch long eye-popping-daggers-of-blindness.

these things are lethal- and those who operate them are apparently oblivious to their massive dimensions and potential to blind multiple pedestrians. these people look like they literally walked up to a poolside patio table at a resort and grabbed the sunshade umbrella (complete with crank handle) on their way to work...
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

to the ever-dwindling number of you still getting by (mostly dry, i might add) with the atari umbrellatron circa 1980, i salute you.
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some things just aren't getting better with time-


the weekend (re)view

monday- monday. here's to a quick and painless short week for everyone! turkeyday is so close i woke up tasting sweet potatoes and stuffing (the breakfast of champions).

last night we watched the best movie i've seen in a long time:
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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i'd been wating to see it for ages and finally its number was called in the netflix queue last week. such a good film- beautiful to watch and listen to and a truly moving story. last year i took a course on latin america and we spent quite some time on the topic of the region's many revolutions, including the one sparked by Che in cuba. this film was great because it was based on Che's days well before he was off in Cuba doing his thing. it was awesome to watch Che's transformation from a twenty-something med student living a comfortable life to a roadwise humanitarian who would become one of the most widely recognised poltical activists in latin america... the whole time you could see that spark of compassion he had for the struggling poor and the indigenous that were stripped of their land.

while south america (patagonia especially) has been on my list of places i need to get to for a while now, seeing this movie has made me want to go tomorrow. that's going to be an awesome trip. we might skip the motorcycle part though. god only knows what kind of a state johnny-no-knuckles would end up in ;)

unfortunately, the evening went downhill from there. i still have this sinus infection brewing and a lovely chainsmoker's cough to go along with it. i'll be dragging around an iron lung by thursday, i'm sure. but last night i thought a sudafed and three glasses of chardonnay would ensure a good night's sleep. at 10p i was still hacking away so i ventured out to get some nyquil. two sleepytime shooters and i was out cold.

until 2am when i was wide awake and coughing up a storm.... i ended up 'sleeping' in the spare bedroom so i didn't keep j.mo up the rest of the night (and hopefully he won't catch my ebola).

the rest of the weekend was divided between a whole saturday at the library taking care of school stuff (less than a month to go!!) and getting ready for thanksgiving. the living room is finally done- my only wish is that we had a before photo for those of you who never had the pleasure of seeing the distant memory of the mess it once was.... but here is the finished product-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

mad props to j.mo for all of the awesome trim and detail work. i can use a roller for painting walls but that's about the extent of my painting (dis)abilities. i'm a spastic with a paintbrush- it's really quite sad. i seem to lose all motorskills if i need to do anything that doesn't involve slathering the walls with a footwide roller. but that's the way it is- and we both know better than to even let me near anything detailed.

we also had a very grown up like planning session re: housing. we sat down and figured out exactly what we need to do financially in order to move into a home of our own (well, an over-priced condo back in dirtydot aka dorchester, but still something we can own) by about this time next year. now *that* is exciting :)(:

i guess that's about it- i've babbled enough. i'm on my way out to finish the rest of the food shopping for thanksgiving and then i need to give myself a haircut and get ready for school this afternoon.

hope everyone's day is off to a good start.


no butter

an entire saturday at the library awaits- try not to be jealous..... we're also out of butter, making breakfast a little complicated. maybe i can convince j.mo we need donuts. lots of them :)

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avocado maki randomness

yesterday afternoon and evening was certainly the upswing- an easy work day and a good workout that left me feeling excellent, followed by a little clothes shopping on the way home and an evening with the new madonna cd (which is very good- even though the photos with the CD crack me up)... yumma dinner and a very good episode of ER. all is well.

then the downswing. today is a bare minimum kinda day. i slept like garbage last night and i'm sure i kept john awake with my tossin'n'turning routine (sharing is caring afterall). i've been on the verge of getting sick all week- kinda sore throat, stuffy nose etc. and this morning i woke up with that oh so familiar brick on my face sinus pressure feeling that seems to happen every year. it didn't help that early this morning we were awakened by that sound john's mom makes when she's having a bad day. this would certainly count as a bad day.

i wholeheartedly think we did the right thing by moving in and doing all the work on the house etc. but i also think we're both realising it's time to put a plan together since this is not an arrangement that is going to last indefinitely. it's hard to live somewhere that doesn't quite feel like home. between work and school and part time jobs i think we would accomplish much the same as far as keeping an eye on her and working around the house whether we live there or not. i guess these are things you just learn as you go along.

so tonight we're going to begin researching the whole first time home buyers adventure. it will feel good to come up with a plan for whatever is coming next- there's great sanity to be found in the prospect of owning our own place.

in the meantime, i'd just like to point out that even with all the crazy juggling of two jobs each, classes, looking after mum and whatever else has gotten tossed into the mix along the way, what we've got never ceases to amaze me. i've got the best guy around and our relationship is so incredibly grounded that all of this stuff just rolls off like water- it's simply amazing.

i sho do love you :)

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things are looking up- it's nearly lunchtime and i'm gonna have me some avocado maki and miso soup.... then i'm going to sit here and watch the show: every year a giant christmas tree is cut down in nova scotia and trucked to boston as a thank you for boston sending firefighters to halifax back in the day when there was a huge fire that destroyed much of the city.

well it has arrived- the cranes are parked outside and the giant hole is dug. why they don't just bring a big ol' tree with roots and all and plant it on the common is beyond me... instead they do this same thing every year. i'm totally like an old woman at the nursing home peaking out at the passerby's from behind the blinds.

random ranting complete. carry on.


catching and upping

hello internets- i must say, i did miss you :)

j.mo and i decided to take yesterday off together to a) sleep in and b) finish priming the once wallpapered and crumbling water-stained living room walls so we can get to painting before the turkeyeaters descend upon our humble home next week. while i've got quite the soft spot for crackden living rooms (afterall who can argue with form *and* function?), it's a bit much to take in when it's the very first thing you see when you enter the house... but fear not, it's mostly under control now- 2 coats of paint this upcoming weekend and we'll be good to go.

so that's where i was yesterday.

on with bidness.

naturally i had to have stahbies this morning- being that it was only my second day of work this week. last week my usual starbucks ran out of soymilk half way through frothing my venti latte. so i got a half full coffee (what was i supposed to do?? let them dump it out and continue on my way to work sans caffeine??) and a coupon for a free drink next time.

well today was next time. and they were out of soymilk.


breathe in breathe fucking out. ok, whatever- plan b... off we go to the stahbies at emerson, a few blocks past where i work. it didn't take long to figure out why the line formed a semi-circle against the wall near all the babyjesusbdayjunk instead of the standard single-file line stretching back toward the door. all of my fellow coffeeschleps were fearing for their lives- and for good reaosn.

there was a pint-sized shebeast dressed in pink velvet pants and a red velour jacket with snot all over her face absolutely terrorizing the place. when i opened the door she had 1lb of sumatran roast in one hand and a candy cane travel mug in the other- both were airborne in seconds.

i love kids- don't get me wrong. i cannot wait to be a dad. but the sight of this earlymorninghellraiser, face covered in snot and all angry and abusive- yeah... i'll pass, thanks.

and this creature's keeper? completely oblivious. even the man with the huge hickey (truly a timeless look) kept glaring over at her like 'don't you have a stun gun or something??'

here they are fleeing the scene- sorry i couldn't get a better shot, but i really didn't want to get caught in the crossfire:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

all this for coffee. there have to be better morning habits to indulge in- i shall investigate.

so now it's after 10am and i have to log on to my online ciminal psychology course (which i hate) to take an exam for which i'm barely prepared. the bulk of the exam is on the oj simpson case and we were supposed to have read a 450 page book about the case before attempting the exam. i still have 130 pages to go- needless to say, we're taking the exam anyways.

for news on this and other developing stories, tune in at 11.


innocent little snack cakes

froggie got me started on this whole hobnob topic (check the comments on the msn article on inflata-bling that set me off this morning)... the name was ringing a bell, but that was as far as we were getting. i thought maybe this 1960's pint-sized queen of individually wrapped aerated pig fat goodness would show me the way:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
but alas, no hobnobs rolling out of this darling's hot little ovens. although i did stumble upon some spectacular commentary on her website:

'The Little Debbie® brand has become number one for two reasons: quality and value. McKee Foods uses secret recipes and the highest-quality ingredients, thereby improving the taste of the snack cakes. The snack cakes are also sold at a reasonable price. In fact, Little Debbie® products on average sell for half that of other leading brands. That's due to manufacturing efficiencies the company has developed over decades of baking experience.'

i don't know about you- but i certainly was thinking quality and value last time i got sick on donut sticks and zebra cakes. must have been those uber refined manufacturing efficiencies and pentagon secured secret recipes that were a little heavy on my delicate palate.

it turns out hobnobs are a british thing- and since i've never set foot on ye olde isle of pale and pasty i had no clue. although i think they may be circulating in certain circles in australia, explaining the vague recollection. i did, however, find this picture to help all of us hobnob-virgins figure out exactly what we're working with...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
google image search is my hero

perhaps the butter queen can shed some light on this topic...? is this the real reason why you moved to london?

please don't...

it's really annoying when people at work schedule meetings for 9am. no one is here at 9am. and when i do get here at 9.05am i just want to eat my soy yogurt with ginger granola and finish my coffee in peace while i catch up on internet happenings- no questions, no fresh-squeezed corpricana chatter... just the usual website visits followed by the now customary blog post du jour.

unless there's a 9am meeting. in which case i have to drop my bag, hold off on food and go roll my eyes in the conference room with an exploding bladder for an hour.

so now it's nearly noon and i'm just getting around to starting my day (aka starting my romp around the internet until lunch)

signing into hotmail today i noticed a link to this article on msn about how to look rich while living cheaply- i'm more of the look tired and disheveled while living poor but overall happy and eating well crowd, but hey... i couldn't resist the urge to give it a quick read in the hopes i'd find something bloggable hidden away-

while it was predictably pathetic, i must say (insert sarcasm HERE) thank god john and i are taking tomorrow off so we can address handy hint number 5: Purge the Poverty from Our Lives... maybe i'm just spending way too much time at school picking all kinds of things apart at the moment, but that phrase really jumped out at me. whatever pseudorichbitch wrote the article considers a carpet stain or a squeaky door to be ways we've allowed poverty to creep into our homes (no joke- it's in the article). i simply had no idea we were living in a guadalajara open sewer all this time- the filth, the flies... thank you thank you thank you so much msn!- i can't wait to go home tomorrow and bust out the poverty-be-gone spray and spritz our house into the veritable immaculate conception it's meant to be.

purge the poverty? not sure i like those two words used together- something just doesn't sit right.

i dunno- maybe i'm crazy. see how a 9am meeting totally fucks with my day?


nancy reagan's monday morning starchat

i'm not much of an astrologyguru, but i do enjoy reading my horoscope on the odd occasion that swoon remembers to email it to me. swoon used to send daily horoscopes- now they just seem to pop up at random in my hotmail every few days/weeks.

a little snippet from today's:

'And ideally you want to be at the helm (or fully participating in discussions) when decisions regarding your long-term ambitions are on the table - which is harder to accomplish successfully when you're playing Ping Pong with minutiae.

ping pong with minutiae

like still taking undergraduate classes- 5 of them to be exact?
how about the goingnowherequickly traveljob?
and an even more mindnumbinglyasinine part time job transcribing speech utterances?
never ending house repairs at a place we're already dying to leave?
and watching my sleepdeprivedguy deal with much the same?

thanks to swoon i now have a convenient label for it all: ping pong with minutiae. i think if i ever get around to writing a book i've now got the perfect title.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
thank you google image search



john and i were walking back from lunch mere moments ago when we stumbled upon this little lady...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

my my- i wonder what happens when you slip a quarter or two in this meter?

someone alert kathy lee gifford

it's nearly time for the seasonal opening of everyone's favorite holiday sweatshop:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

the pay is crap, the work is menial and repetitive, and our fingers will bleed from all of the accidental needle pricks (watchoself johnny-no-knuckles).

an entire day of popcorn and cranberry stringing is on the horizon. i guess that means christmas really is just around the corner...


you know i'm a sucker for all things turtle/tortoise

This old gal's about to turn 175 years old!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Good on ya love ;) Lettuce cake for everyone...

ps- i'm sorry you ended up at this sharing space with this dickhead- but i suppose it's better than rainy ol' england.

the floodgates have (re)opened...

she's back...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

under the guise of having exhausted my coffee supply at home, i've now consumed 3 capitalist pig latte's from stahbies this week. i was doing so good- i'd given up overpriced antidepressantcaviarcoffeebeans quite some time ago... alarmingly, it was becomming an unaffordable part of the daily routine last year. how could i resist? who doesn't like tasty caffeinated beverages made with soy that leave you feeling strangely happy (the post stahbies daze) whilst pretending to be busy at a job you care about?? but c'mon- $4.10 for a soy latte? that's $82 a month for coffee! so instead i've been trying to make coffee at home every morning and bring it with me for the trek to work- secretly i just want to be like all the other sexytravelmugcommuters.

so yeah. three trips to lattes'r'us this week- it's getting ugly. it's a slippery slope and i'm sure i'll be there tomorrow am, standing in the line that stretches out the door and into the street with all the other brand bitches and label schmucks jonesin' for some designer stimulation- 'i'd like a non fat triple tall decaf latte extra hot double cupped with shade harvested nutmeg...'

how has it come to this???

i wonder how much money i would have in 30 years if i took $4.10 everytime i was craving starbucks and put it into my nonexistent 401k account?


Good stuff indeed...

How funny is the cover of the latest Boston Phoenix?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


i had a feeling this day would come

Given that this whole blog thing is a fairly new arrival in my world, it wasn't all that long ago that I was torturing myself whilst trying to come up with a name for my site.

When g spot inc finally landed I remember thinking to myself- 'Perfect...! But I wonder how many pervs/self-help seeking ladies I'm going to piss off?' Poor misguided indviduals who land at my site thanks to google's suggestion that it would be a fine location to find out all you ever needed to know/see in relation to the ever elusive mystical g-spot: we're talking photos, satellite images, maps... a big flashing neon sign announcing the very on-ramp to the g spot expressway.

Or you could just find me. And my pumpkin spice clif bar rant and a photo of lippy with antlers on her head.

Thanks to that little site meter at the bottom of my blog I am able to see how people got to my corner of the internet. And today was the day- Someone googled 'g spot' and ended up here with us all at g spot inc... Cue the Let's Make a Deal you just took what was behind door number two and ended up with a box of geese Whunh-whunh-whunh noise. Nothing to see here folks- keep it movin'

lippy au natural

My nearest and dearest Annie recently trekked all around Alaska and today I finally had a look at the photos.

I'm really enjoying this particularly fine objet d'art:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
What a rack!

Lippy (aka lipid/aka the nickname spawned in 10th grade science class) and lil g have a long history- From tooling around the thriving metropolis in her inherited tractor of a ford tempo to marveling at the wonder that was a diaper-wearing rottweiler named megan that belonged to the tiny old french woman that Annie stayed with while studying abroad. We can recite pages of dialogue from National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and she's one of few women I know who would willingly help demolish an entire broccoli pizza (with fries) and then down a pint of ben and jerry's.

A couple of years ago John surprised me on my birthday by flying Annie and my other gurl Mojo to Boston for the weekend and it was the best present I've ever been given (mad props to my mistah!)... These days we don't get to see nearly enough of each other, but nothing could ever change my absolute love for this girl :)(:


the breakfast of champions...

Like every Monday morning since the semester started I got up with John this morning (otherwise I'd be in bed the entire day) and sleepwalked my way through making his lunch and tidying up the kitchen from last night. Before sitting down at the kitchen table to delve into the bliss that is early morning microeconomics it was time for caffeine. I got the coffee maker all good to go and reached into the fridge for soymilk and found a bottle of ketchup where the soymilk is supposed to be. Oh well, at least there's a carton of chocolate soymilk at the back.

Coffee brewed, soymilk frothed, latte assembled.

Oh wait- does that say what I think it says?

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

But that's the only soymilk we have. It's *only 6 days past expiration* and now the kitchen was smelling all nice and coffeelike. Screw it. Being awake from 2am-6am this morning and having a whole morning of schoolwork ahead of me before class this afternoon there was no way I was going to skip the coffee. I mean, it was already made... I couldn't just throw it out.

We'll just ignore that funky aftertaste and hope for the best- cue the tummy rumbles.

There's always the promise of the dancing pink cup later today anyways.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
So South Shore it's not even funny. But the stuff is liquid crack. If you want a good laugh check out their commercials- any one of them could be the opening sequence to some really bad b-grade porn. But you know it's the promise of cinnamon hazelnut tata's that keeps me coming back :)


Eyes Wide Open

From where I work on Tremont Street my office overlooks Boston Common- most days the view from the 6th floor is of tourists following the Freedom Trail (or utterly fascinated by squirrels), crazy city joggers, the spare change crew, my loud bible reading friend (who insists I'll be spared if I repent) and all the usual city fixin's.

But a few days ago a Uhaul arrived and unloaded stacks and stacks of rubbermaid containers followed by a small group of people that spent an entire day meticuloulsly lining up pairs of boots and shoes on the ground.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

It turns out that Eyes Wide Open is visiting Boston for a while. I had read about it a while back and was hoping I'd get to see it firsthand- There are now 2,037 pairs of boots, one for each soldier killed in Iraq.

I walked over during lunch on Friday. Standing in the middle of rows and rows of pairs of boots- the noise and bustle of the city just seemed to fade away.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Many of the boots had pictures, teddy bears, flowers and letters with them.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

There was a whole other section dedicated to countless numbers of Iraqis that have also died in the war.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

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Most days I honestly don't think too much about what's happening in Iraq. I'm certainly no political activist. Between work, five classes, a part-time job, my family etc most of my time is occupied with all sorts of other concerns. And that's the problem- as a country most of us are not stopping to consider what is going on and has been going on for quite some time now. We still haven't even been told the real reasons why we're fighting the war in the first place.

More than 2,000 Americans and an estimated 100,000 Iraqis have died since the conflict began. Visiting Eyes Wide Open- seeing the shoes of little kids, the photos and letters... Standing amongst all of the boots knowing that so many people are gone- it took a faraway conflict and dropped it in my lap.

It's time that we get some straight answers from our government. Why did we really go to Iraq? I think many would agree that the US never expected to find weapons of mass destruction. I've heard President Bush say on several occasions that the best way to honor those soldiers who were killed is to 'get in there and finish the job.' Does anyone even know what the job is? How about making sure that no other American or Iraqi is put in harm's way instead? How about some honesty and integrity?

It's time for a plan to resolve the mess we've all helped to create. It's time to start paying attention.

How far have we really come?
Despite the miseries
And the lessons learned from history
The pattern still repeats
Never to surrender don't you ever repeat
How far have we really come?
Until the ones who are leading us
Make peace their resolution tonight
Make peace your resolution tonight
There's an arms race to be run
Building bigger better dagger headed bombs
So let's drink to the daughters and sons
Never to return to their mother's arms
For every battle lost and won are these the ones that we offer up?
(lyrics by powderfinger)

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the flipside of day 1- and now we ache

Well, day one with the trainer wasn't too bad. Despite my runaway anxieties over the whole thing there were no major disasters, injuries, debacles or mishaps. Derek, mistah trainer man, has the approximate dimensions of a hyundai accent- I think I'm about the size of one of his thighs. But he's nice enough and his sense of humor definitely helped- he even rolled his eyes when the Tony Danza show came on. It started off easy enough- some questions and a physical assessment to make sure I wasn't going to spontaneously combust after the first pull-up. Then it was some nice easy stretching etc- I'm quite adept at rolling around on a mat... one of my many talents ;)

Then it was a whole bunch of variations of crunches and push-ups and squats and pull-ups. It all turned very cirque du soleil when the big rubber balls came out.

As froggie would say- 'And lift and bend and push and thrust' (if only you could see the accompanying pseudo interpretive dance routine)

But I woke up this morning feeling as though I'd never walk again. Holy soreness. Although I suppose that's to be expected if I'm ever going to get anywhere.

So that's that- the proof's in the pudding, so to speak- just got to wait and see what happens.


i'll take 'tastes like diaper' for $200 alex

i'm a big fan of clif bars. they're nutritious and filling (no easy feat here!) and mostly yumma.

during our most recent visit to the best place on earth to buy food i was very excited to see that there were two new seasonal clif bar flavors:

this one is awesome- everything you'd expect from a soft'n'chewy iced gingerbread cookie.
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this one, however, was absolutely rank. don't be fooled by the whole autumnal advertising thing.
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you know those cute jack-o-lanterns we made for halloween? the ones that are still sitting on the front porch, rapidly turning a lovely shade of brown and mushifying as the days go by? i felt like i was chomping on one of those aged beauties as i tried to 'enjoy' my post workout clif bar. don't they taste test these things??