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nancy reagan's monday morning starchat

i'm not much of an astrologyguru, but i do enjoy reading my horoscope on the odd occasion that swoon remembers to email it to me. swoon used to send daily horoscopes- now they just seem to pop up at random in my hotmail every few days/weeks.

a little snippet from today's:

'And ideally you want to be at the helm (or fully participating in discussions) when decisions regarding your long-term ambitions are on the table - which is harder to accomplish successfully when you're playing Ping Pong with minutiae.

ping pong with minutiae

like still taking undergraduate classes- 5 of them to be exact?
how about the goingnowherequickly traveljob?
and an even more mindnumbinglyasinine part time job transcribing speech utterances?
never ending house repairs at a place we're already dying to leave?
and watching my sleepdeprivedguy deal with much the same?

thanks to swoon i now have a convenient label for it all: ping pong with minutiae. i think if i ever get around to writing a book i've now got the perfect title.

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john said...

that's hysterical.

alyssa j said...

the best is that it's funny enough until you look closer and see that it's a midget ping pong table on top of a chair.

and at least you don't take classes with people who think that chris matthews and tip o'neil are one in the same.

shellie said...

you a angel baby

thank you della

g said...

polska pong ;)