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the breakfast of champions...

Like every Monday morning since the semester started I got up with John this morning (otherwise I'd be in bed the entire day) and sleepwalked my way through making his lunch and tidying up the kitchen from last night. Before sitting down at the kitchen table to delve into the bliss that is early morning microeconomics it was time for caffeine. I got the coffee maker all good to go and reached into the fridge for soymilk and found a bottle of ketchup where the soymilk is supposed to be. Oh well, at least there's a carton of chocolate soymilk at the back.

Coffee brewed, soymilk frothed, latte assembled.

Oh wait- does that say what I think it says?

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But that's the only soymilk we have. It's *only 6 days past expiration* and now the kitchen was smelling all nice and coffeelike. Screw it. Being awake from 2am-6am this morning and having a whole morning of schoolwork ahead of me before class this afternoon there was no way I was going to skip the coffee. I mean, it was already made... I couldn't just throw it out.

We'll just ignore that funky aftertaste and hope for the best- cue the tummy rumbles.

There's always the promise of the dancing pink cup later today anyways.
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So South Shore it's not even funny. But the stuff is liquid crack. If you want a good laugh check out their commercials- any one of them could be the opening sequence to some really bad b-grade porn. But you know it's the promise of cinnamon hazelnut tata's that keeps me coming back :)


jilly-d said...

i don't even drink coffee & I'm totally addicted to their iced mochachino.
The place is so pink that eric giggles every time we go in there.
"marylou's the best coffee in towwwwnnnnnnnnn"

g said...

i would *pay* to see the marylou/ stahbies smackdown... do you get that channel on your fancy tv? my money's on the bitch in pink.


froggie said...

can we go here next time little man and i visit? avery looves pink, but he doesn't need the coffee