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new mbta advertising campaign?

if this doesn't make you want to ditch your usual ride and hop on the redline for the next worktrek, i'm not sure what will...

red-red line


we don't have much time...

two cases of swine flu have been reported in the boston area.

the first was yesterday at castle island:


and i narrowly avoided a pork-infused brush with death when i almost stepped in some today at shaw's in hyde park:



is this really the best you could come up with?

thank god someone took the time to set the record 'straight' ;)


next stop?

massachusetts? check.
connecticut? check.
iowa? sure, why not? check.
vermont? really, it was just a matter of time- check.

watch out texas, we're coming for you next!


some sensibility in the middle

wow, if iowa can do it, then there must be some hope for the rest of the nay-saying-states. mighty impressed, especially considering this was a state that had a DOMA-type law on the books since 1998. they must be sipping some cornwine (of whatever it is that's on tap in des moines) out west tonight ;)

i did laugh a little when i got to this part in the article:

“We are blessed to live in Iowa,” she added.

let's not get carried away here, people ;)

hope y'all have a good weekend.