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the flipside of day 1- and now we ache

Well, day one with the trainer wasn't too bad. Despite my runaway anxieties over the whole thing there were no major disasters, injuries, debacles or mishaps. Derek, mistah trainer man, has the approximate dimensions of a hyundai accent- I think I'm about the size of one of his thighs. But he's nice enough and his sense of humor definitely helped- he even rolled his eyes when the Tony Danza show came on. It started off easy enough- some questions and a physical assessment to make sure I wasn't going to spontaneously combust after the first pull-up. Then it was some nice easy stretching etc- I'm quite adept at rolling around on a mat... one of my many talents ;)

Then it was a whole bunch of variations of crunches and push-ups and squats and pull-ups. It all turned very cirque du soleil when the big rubber balls came out.

As froggie would say- 'And lift and bend and push and thrust' (if only you could see the accompanying pseudo interpretive dance routine)

But I woke up this morning feeling as though I'd never walk again. Holy soreness. Although I suppose that's to be expected if I'm ever going to get anywhere.

So that's that- the proof's in the pudding, so to speak- just got to wait and see what happens.

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froggie said...

omigod! how did i miss that?! "and lift and bend and push and thrust!" omigod... you just made my day... i cannot wait to tell candace!