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30 for 30 days

so i've decided to opt for the no-risk free trial and attempt this whole 'being 30' thing for the next month. i know, i know- can you really trust the crap they're peddling on a 3am infomerical? if it doesn't work out, i was promised i can just send everything back (except the free knives- wickid keepahs), get my money back and return to being a happy twenty-something year old. i'll be sure to let everyone know how this works out so stay tuned.

my bday weekend could not have been more fun... the butter queen volunteered her family's place on the cape and eight of us (plus frankahs) trekked down yesterday for an overnight round of eating (a killer risotto and huge brunch), drinking (i think more than 8 bottles of wine and a case of beer disappeared), fireplace loungetime, and wandering around the frozen beaches of wellfleet. such a good time (and surprisingly, today's hangover was pretty mild)- the cape in the winter really is beautiful. the only drama happened yesterday, when for about 20mins franklin managed to go m.i.a. we had him on the beach and decided he was smart enough to go off the leash and not wander into traffic/drown. except he did happen to just trot off into the dunes and disappear. thank god/buddha/oprah we had the scottish dog whisperer with us and kenny managed to wrangle him back into the corral- he found him near a playground, sniffing in circles and completely unaware anything was wrong/anyone was mental over their nearly-failed attempt at being parents.

so yeah- other than the now-you-see-him-now-you-don't-franklin-at-large-fiasco and outrunning a snowstorm today to get home in one piece, we all had the best time. my stomach still hurts from all the laughing and the ungodlygastronomicstretchsession it just endured. thanks so much guys- a brilliant 30th!


and for all the rest of the pics

ps- mad props to j.mo for the tix to see the red sox v. the yankees!!!


pint-sized ladyluvs

hi y'all-

first post of the new year and it's only appropriate that it starts with a fresh from the plantation, fried riblets, niblets and giblets down home southern "hi y'all." i just got home from a lovely long weekend in south carolina spent with lys, soldiertom, and the two cutest minipolskas to ever escape the motherland.

sydney(left) & morgan (right)

morgan and sydney wasted no time in making it clear you are *nobody* if you don't have a purple (or possibly pink) princess wand:


syd demonstrating how a grilled cheese pairs nicely with the hypnotizing glow of my new favorite show

uncle g assuming the position:

no rope? no worries. we can play tug of war with your sister.

!! you must be over 18 to continue past this point !!

the homewrecking scandal that was the last man between my legs:
winston could very well be the second-most adorable cat evuh... i can't mess with queenblimper's title as resident heavyweightbeautycat, but he is a very close runner-up.

some infectious giggles, with a side of rugburn

and by far one of the best moments of the weekend- this will never not make me laugh









hope '08 is off to a good start for everyone :)(: