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did i miss something?

when was eva longoria launched into orbit? and more importantly- who else can we blast off?

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i really don't feel like working today, so i thought i'd drop by for a little extraearlyafternoonbloggersdelight.

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(that's me checking my list of missing passengers and wondering if there's any ketchup left in the fridge for dressing up my leftover lunch/veggie burger.)

it's probably not a big deal that i don't feel like running on my wheel today because i get the feeling this place is going to be for sale on ebay soon. the airlines are all going hog wild since oil prices are up (again). that means they can all raise their already ridculously high fuel surcharges (again). lufthansa tops the list right now at $180 for a roundtrip ticket from the US to Europe via Frankfurt. that doesn't include any of the other $100-something in taxes they add on or the actual cost of the ticket, which often is now a mere fraction of the taxes and fuel surcharges.

only way to avoid those nasty fuel surcharges is to opt for the engine seat. but really- all that noise and soot?

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despite the fact that people are finally flying as much/more than pre 9/11, this extra money the airlines are raking in seems to be going to the great big warehouse in the sky with all the lost luggage and onceuponatimeairlinemealservice- does not compute, does not compute. clearly there are just too many airlines being bailed out too many times with government money. i say cut 'em loose and let's see who is left after the dust settles.

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so back to my original point, we're probably not long for the world at this point, which quite honestly is fine by me. i'd love to collect unemployment for a while and tear through school as quickly as possible.

big money no whammies, papa's looking for a pink slip!

alrighty- work-related ranting over. file it all under de-funct:
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congrats on being accepted to grad school mags! once we coordinate our schedules so we are taking some classes together, we'll have to get matching A-Team lunchboxes for our big arm-in-arm debut.



last night a chickpea saved my life

mira, what a weekend.

i think we covered pretty much everything (im)possible in the span of the past 48hrs. parental calamity, a paper on language stereotypes, grocery shopping (twice), a couple of episodes of the facts of life, inflating the aerobed, several loads of laundry, deflating the aerobed... well, you get the picture- a schizophrenic soybean's big adventure.

but for the better part of today (sauf the brief food delivery to hyde park today which included j.mo's momma bringing 3 days worth of junkmail downstairs that she was 'scared to open' and sideshownanaphyllis so completely confused that she forgot she was confused over why anyone would think she should move into a nursing home) anyways, like i was saying- the better part of today was spent right here at our new place. and for the first time it felt like i was finally just hanging out at home. we just stayed put all day- it was gray and rainy out (ie almost May) and we were both beyond exhausted. i also had quite a bit of schoolwork to keep my ass anchored to the floor under the weight of the laptop (shut up, lys ;), but it was the perfect combo for a day spent at home. home, home, home. yes it's real. and no, citimortgage still hasn't turned up to take it all back.

last night a chickpea (or 40) saved my life- we had the most amazing indian dinner with the best little crew of peeps- so much fun, so much damn fine food and so much wine. it was the perfect complement to the otherwise trying/mildly traumatic marathon day that had just unfolded. j.mo's expose on the topic covers it all, so thankfully i don't have to-

as a side note- i just did a google image search for 'chickpea' so i could post a randomlyappropriate photo here. apparently the 10 pages of chickpeaporn google managed to roundup from the web couldn't possibly be enough to satiate my veganproteinimagingneeds, because under the first page of photos was this innocent suggestion:

Did you mean to search for: chicken

oh google, your beady little satellite eyes really do see/know *everything* yes, i confess- i really was looking for a nice juicy chicken shot- preferably all splayed out in jilly d's crockpot. my veganways have led me astray and once again google has shown me the path.

ok- i'm rambling. soon work will die down and school will be over until the next round in july. things are bound to calm down a little on the familyfront as well(knock on wood, toss some salt, hail mary)- big g is doing better tonight and mum has her surgery tomorrow- big money, no whammies. so once it's all good in the hood i'll get back to regular posts. in the meantime you're gonna get the occasional snipit from legumesgonewild vol2 and other random notes of sleep deprivation.

before i stop pretending to ignore the bed that is demanding some attention, i'd like to remind j.mo that he simply is my pb&j on whole wheat. and thank you everyone else for not leaving me to be raised by wolves- i've got some amazing friends that keep me humming on along, even whilst kneedeep in all things unpleasant, stressful and just plain 'ol tiring. and for that i am eternally grateful.

goodnight & biglove,



heeeeeeeerrrrrreeeeee's johnnie....

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ah, the wonder that was a glass of faux wine (2006 vintage) at the neighborhood supermarcado :)

what a goofball... but oh my god i love him ;)


down a well...


i have the day off today so i can wander around the house in circles, grab random objects, throw them in boxes and pray nothing breaks.

i can't believe i didn't blog my porkthemedtreasurefind from south carolina a few weeks ago:

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only thing that could make it better would be a discreetly placed confederate flag on the pig's hat. i think everyone should have a piggly wiggly mug, so don't be surprised if for your next birthday you end up sipping a little celebratory sumtin-sumtin outta one of these beauties...

alright- since i've only packed two boxes and we're moving *tomorrow* i suppose i should get back to it. hopefully my bojo (blogginmojo) will be rescued from the well it's fallen into and it will be bidness as usual soon...