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pint-sized rage

chixie's been leaving comments lately and i'm lovin' it-

i totally had a chixie-inspired flashback today in the midst of whiling my workday away:

dim the lights- a little hit of the fog machine:

a few years ago we were about to step off the curb to cross boylston street in back bay to wander back to work. all of a sudden there was this buzzing/2-hair-dryers- running-at-once kinda noise and it was getting louder by the second...

and then (and forgive me for my lack of poltical correctness) a tiny midget streaked by on a tiny midget motorcycle.

naturally we were both staring in that 'holy shit- are you seeing this tiny midget on a tiny midget motorcycle too?? or was there acid in *only my* spring roll?' and since we were gawking at her, that little speeding midget gave us the dirtiest, meanest little midget scowl you can imagine- like we should have been used to seeing the shrunken circus speeding past!

still one of the funniest moments of my life. thank god/buddha/oprah someone else was there with me. :)

if only i could connect the usb for the digital camera to my head so you could see it all on instant replay. i'm sure that will come as a standard feature of the next i-pod.


alyssa j said...

that reminds me of the time she and i and god knows who else saw the old man playing slow-motion leapfrog over a fire hydrant on comm ave.

chixie said...

i forgot about both of those! g, that's EXACTLY how it happened. that midget was so scary! there used to be a tough midget that hung out on the orange line. i wish i could set them up on a date. then all the couples i've matched could go on a double date. g and j and tough midget and moto midget. good times!

the best part of the leap frog guy was that he was laughing and having a great time even though he was alone at night walking down comm ave. so weird!