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happy thanksgiving eve

so later this afternoon j.mo and i will leave work early to rush home and begin the annual foodprep marathon. it's a lot of work, but i love every minute of it. hours in the kitchen with my guy, our kickass kitchenaid mixer and multiple root vegetables- how could you go wrong??

there's no porn like foodporn :)

here's the menu- BYOT (bring your own turkey, of course)
tomato and spinach soup
roasted mashed butternut squash
lil g's garlic and basil mashed potatoes (with the skins left on)
maple clove sweet potatoes
j.mo's world famous stuffing
green bean and tomato salad
homemade cranberry sauce
pumpkin and cranberry bread
homemade cinnamon rolls and vanilla soy/ice cream for dessert

after a long day of eating everyone will be happy and paralyzed and passed out in front of the fire. now that's what i call a holiday. although i remember as a kid how i really could care less about thanksgiving- with christmas right around the corner that meant a tree with mounds of gifts would be waiting for us- fuck the turkey... i was holding out for a battery operated keyboard and glow in the dark socks.

but then you get older and you realise the impermanence of it all- so an entire holiday devoted to a homecooked meal and time spent with your family really becomes one of the simplest pleasures around.

so whatever it is you're up to on thanksgiving i hope you have an excellent day... and when the mashed potatoes come 'round for the second time go your hardest- i know i will ;)



froggie said...

now i am starvin!!!!! i hope everyone has a great thanksigving! love you!!

mag said...

i feel homesick now. i should be eating myself silly and instead i will be stuck at an interview :(