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yesterday afternoon and evening was certainly the upswing- an easy work day and a good workout that left me feeling excellent, followed by a little clothes shopping on the way home and an evening with the new madonna cd (which is very good- even though the photos with the CD crack me up)... yumma dinner and a very good episode of ER. all is well.

then the downswing. today is a bare minimum kinda day. i slept like garbage last night and i'm sure i kept john awake with my tossin'n'turning routine (sharing is caring afterall). i've been on the verge of getting sick all week- kinda sore throat, stuffy nose etc. and this morning i woke up with that oh so familiar brick on my face sinus pressure feeling that seems to happen every year. it didn't help that early this morning we were awakened by that sound john's mom makes when she's having a bad day. this would certainly count as a bad day.

i wholeheartedly think we did the right thing by moving in and doing all the work on the house etc. but i also think we're both realising it's time to put a plan together since this is not an arrangement that is going to last indefinitely. it's hard to live somewhere that doesn't quite feel like home. between work and school and part time jobs i think we would accomplish much the same as far as keeping an eye on her and working around the house whether we live there or not. i guess these are things you just learn as you go along.

so tonight we're going to begin researching the whole first time home buyers adventure. it will feel good to come up with a plan for whatever is coming next- there's great sanity to be found in the prospect of owning our own place.

in the meantime, i'd just like to point out that even with all the crazy juggling of two jobs each, classes, looking after mum and whatever else has gotten tossed into the mix along the way, what we've got never ceases to amaze me. i've got the best guy around and our relationship is so incredibly grounded that all of this stuff just rolls off like water- it's simply amazing.

i sho do love you :)

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things are looking up- it's nearly lunchtime and i'm gonna have me some avocado maki and miso soup.... then i'm going to sit here and watch the show: every year a giant christmas tree is cut down in nova scotia and trucked to boston as a thank you for boston sending firefighters to halifax back in the day when there was a huge fire that destroyed much of the city.

well it has arrived- the cranes are parked outside and the giant hole is dug. why they don't just bring a big ol' tree with roots and all and plant it on the common is beyond me... instead they do this same thing every year. i'm totally like an old woman at the nursing home peaking out at the passerby's from behind the blinds.

random ranting complete. carry on.


froggie said...

it IS very hard to leave somplace that doesn't quite feel like home even if you are with people who love you (gramma's house).it's also very tough to stay grounded so you babes are lucky to have found that with each other... and i think that's one of things we all love about you...

john said...

thanks for pushing my overly-emotional self over the brink, so now i'm crying here at my desk at work. (classy)

i love you so much G. everything will work out.

g said...


shel said...

are you guys trying to make everybody cry

froggie said...

oops.. i meant o say "live" someplace that doesn;t feel like home.. not leave..what can i say.. i can't spell..working here sometimes makes me dumber by the second....i love you guys!