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i had a feeling this day would come

Given that this whole blog thing is a fairly new arrival in my world, it wasn't all that long ago that I was torturing myself whilst trying to come up with a name for my site.

When g spot inc finally landed I remember thinking to myself- 'Perfect...! But I wonder how many pervs/self-help seeking ladies I'm going to piss off?' Poor misguided indviduals who land at my site thanks to google's suggestion that it would be a fine location to find out all you ever needed to know/see in relation to the ever elusive mystical g-spot: we're talking photos, satellite images, maps... a big flashing neon sign announcing the very on-ramp to the g spot expressway.

Or you could just find me. And my pumpkin spice clif bar rant and a photo of lippy with antlers on her head.

Thanks to that little site meter at the bottom of my blog I am able to see how people got to my corner of the internet. And today was the day- Someone googled 'g spot' and ended up here with us all at g spot inc... Cue the Let's Make a Deal you just took what was behind door number two and ended up with a box of geese Whunh-whunh-whunh noise. Nothing to see here folks- keep it movin'

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