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the weekend (re)view

monday- monday. here's to a quick and painless short week for everyone! turkeyday is so close i woke up tasting sweet potatoes and stuffing (the breakfast of champions).

last night we watched the best movie i've seen in a long time:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

i'd been wating to see it for ages and finally its number was called in the netflix queue last week. such a good film- beautiful to watch and listen to and a truly moving story. last year i took a course on latin america and we spent quite some time on the topic of the region's many revolutions, including the one sparked by Che in cuba. this film was great because it was based on Che's days well before he was off in Cuba doing his thing. it was awesome to watch Che's transformation from a twenty-something med student living a comfortable life to a roadwise humanitarian who would become one of the most widely recognised poltical activists in latin america... the whole time you could see that spark of compassion he had for the struggling poor and the indigenous that were stripped of their land.

while south america (patagonia especially) has been on my list of places i need to get to for a while now, seeing this movie has made me want to go tomorrow. that's going to be an awesome trip. we might skip the motorcycle part though. god only knows what kind of a state johnny-no-knuckles would end up in ;)

unfortunately, the evening went downhill from there. i still have this sinus infection brewing and a lovely chainsmoker's cough to go along with it. i'll be dragging around an iron lung by thursday, i'm sure. but last night i thought a sudafed and three glasses of chardonnay would ensure a good night's sleep. at 10p i was still hacking away so i ventured out to get some nyquil. two sleepytime shooters and i was out cold.

until 2am when i was wide awake and coughing up a storm.... i ended up 'sleeping' in the spare bedroom so i didn't keep j.mo up the rest of the night (and hopefully he won't catch my ebola).

the rest of the weekend was divided between a whole saturday at the library taking care of school stuff (less than a month to go!!) and getting ready for thanksgiving. the living room is finally done- my only wish is that we had a before photo for those of you who never had the pleasure of seeing the distant memory of the mess it once was.... but here is the finished product-

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

mad props to j.mo for all of the awesome trim and detail work. i can use a roller for painting walls but that's about the extent of my painting (dis)abilities. i'm a spastic with a paintbrush- it's really quite sad. i seem to lose all motorskills if i need to do anything that doesn't involve slathering the walls with a footwide roller. but that's the way it is- and we both know better than to even let me near anything detailed.

we also had a very grown up like planning session re: housing. we sat down and figured out exactly what we need to do financially in order to move into a home of our own (well, an over-priced condo back in dirtydot aka dorchester, but still something we can own) by about this time next year. now *that* is exciting :)(:

i guess that's about it- i've babbled enough. i'm on my way out to finish the rest of the food shopping for thanksgiving and then i need to give myself a haircut and get ready for school this afternoon.

hope everyone's day is off to a good start.


froggie said...

your living room is sooooooo beooootiful... will you guys come help me make my house purty tooo?????????????

shel said...

kitty no guts learned to paint when she ran through the paint tray and up the stairs. so i dipped her in the can and used her to finish the wall. jk, actually we made her take a shower.

mag said...

muy bonito pumpkin'! well done.

g said...

thanks for the compliments amigas ;)

cat + shower = that must have been a sight!

froggie said...

is that the boy from the movie i saw with you & john? he's handsome!

g said...

yes indeed- he's muy guapo :P

chixie said...

it's gorgeous! i can't believe it's the same house. but where's the seashell cat? meow.

g said...

ugh- seashells and cats. you're never far from either no matter where you are in that house....