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minisox and a half-marathon

j.mo and i joined his sis and brother-in-law (and approximately 300 south shore moomoosuburbanmommas and their pot-bellied bigboyhusbands) for an afternoon of little league. it was so much fun to watch william- god he's getting to be so grown up:
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after that it was a few hours of immigration law while it poured outside. as soon as the sun came back out around 6.30p i headed out for my first ever 13mile run. i definitely think i'll be ready for the half marathon this fall.

i was a little behind (ok- a bit more than a little behind... 38 miles to be exact!) in our challenge with the good dr- starting to catch up:

tomorrow am we're off to CT to see the fam. i'm sure there will be pics at some point. in the meantime, time to replace those 1400 calories i just ran off :P

hope y'all are having a good weekend.



yay for pics

bigthanks to the butter queen for posting pics from the road race :)


go see it

and after you've seen it let me know when you're ready to buy your tickets to france- we may not be coming home when we land there in october...



this is perhaps my favorite family guy moment....


all sorts of excitement...

this is my very first blog post from my supaflash new 'puter, thanks to my rather generous and thoughtful papi. my old laptop had just about lived out the last of its days, with my most recent paper writing experience featuring me needing to plug in a spare keyboard since none of the punctuation or symbols would work... it's going to take a little while to get used to all things mac, but i'm already in love.

yesterday i ran my first roadrace evuh- 5 miles, 42mins13secs... i came in 361st out of a bit more than 1000 peeps, so i was happy :) mags was there as our official cheerleader, so hopefully i'll have some pics soon. we're already talking about a half marathon this fall. stay tuned! in the meantime, last weekend j.mo and i went to see a sox game on saturday night. we had awesome seats and the weather could not have been more perfect....

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how adorable is my green monstah?
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alrighty- it's friday night and it's time to turn off the computer, stuff myself full of leftovers and then crash on the couch, pinned under the weight of my own gut until i pass out (probably before 10p). i'm so ready for retirement.

have a good weekend...


cheerleaders, please

so my mistah came up with the idea of taking our new nanos and fancy sneaks and turning jogging into a new form of torture... j.mo, myself and our good friend j2 (aka the good dr) have a little competition going. the challenge is to see who can run the most miles in 60 days- and i need all of the encouragement i can get. because tonight i feel like i'm 80 years old from the the knees down thanks to yesterday's 12 mile run.

i'll post updates often, so get those pompoms up in the air ;)

fire it up...

the only thing that can top the community togethaness of trash night in dorchester is the 4th of ju-ly. it doesn't matter if you're vietnamese, cape verdian, b-grade irish from southie or something in between- fireworks in the hood (and a whole shitload of them at that) seem to be a universal.

this was pretty much it, from 8p until whatever time i finally managed to pass out:

not off in the distance, blocks away or over the harbor- more like bouncing off the windows and melting the siding. for hours. we couldn't help but laugh as we were inventing dialogue for the tv show we couldn't hear over the curbsidepyrotechnicdin. when i woke up this morning i had to count my fingers to make sure i hadn't lost any in last night's shananagans. just another reason i-heart-dot.