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spacejunk & a friendly coup

how lame is nasa?

apparently there are bits and pieces of things resembling moonpie wrappers and cans of scientologist ashes that were blasted into space floating around the shuttle... they're trying to figure out a) what exactly these pieces of junk are and b) if they fell off the shuttle:

'A second mystery object was spotted midday Tuesday and photographed by astronaut Dan Burbank. Jett said the object looked like a picture hanging clip. But it may be a garbage bag...'
-from cnn.com

A picture hanging clip:
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Or a garbage bag:
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It's a fine line. so easily confused- I can see why their heads are spinning.

topping other news today... there's a military coup happening in thailand at the moment. when i heard the news yesterday i sent an email to my friends in bangkok asking if they were all ok etc. but after reading the news this morning and hearing back from them it seems i was alarmed for no reason- coups in thailand are like a big non-violent political soap opera. the military waits for the prime minister to leave town and they just kinda drive around in their tanks and tell the king not to worry. a little 'as the coup d'etat turns, thai style' the funniest thing in all this was when one of my thai friends mentioned the most exciting part of the entire cirque de coup was seeing a steady stream of hot thai soldiers parading past his apartment. and to think i was worried about happenings ;)
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what am i saying goodbye to? that would be my free time. now that the lovely labor day long weekend is over that means school starts again. in fact, it starts tomorrow :(

one class sounds perfect for me: international student advising

the other sounds like an extended session of watching that guy clip his nails on the T a few months back: conceptualizing intercultural relations

i also have a 90minute french exam coming up next week. i started reviewing over the weekend so i don't get my plus-que-parfaits mixed up with my reflexives. so needless to say, things are about to get very busy again. sometimes that's how i work best, though- way too much going on and not much time to get things done.

and some other times it just makes me crazy. fasten your seatbelt, j.mo...