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60 degrees

howdy-ho lil partners... it's nearly december and 60 and sunny in boston today. i wonder if the locusts will be here before lunch? i should check www.wherearethelocusts.com for the latest biblical calamity forecast for our area. you know massachusetts is always under some sort of conservative christian watch or warning ;)

i'm finally starting to wake up after sleepwalking through the first part of my day. i have no idea why i was so sleepy this morning- slept fine, only one glass of wine last night, not up for the day at 4am like jmo was. could it be because this is my first day back at work since last wednesday and i really don't want to deal with figuring out how to get 30 canadians from places like winnipeg and saskatoon to belize for new year's? maybe it's because i still have mashed potatoes and stuffing coursing through my veins? or perhaps the sudden absence of my daily anti-depressant soy gingerbread latte from stahbies is taking its toll... well, whatever the reason the fog is lifting.

when i get home tonight i'll have to take some photos for the xmas explosion that happened in our home this weekend. jmo and i have been working overtime trying to scatter the babyjesus creche/nativity scenes that are popping up everywhere... what i want to know is who fed mary and joseph after midnight? oh yes, 'tis the season. that's right- the chimney's been greased with santalube, the tree's up (complete with a colony of seashell angels and a herd of walnut mice and even a creepy fetus-esque seahorse), everyone has a homemade stocking hanging from the mantle (including the mildly retarded deaf cat and the hairfest pukebag gimp of cat that both belong to momma jmo), and there is not one, but TWO complete christmas village type deals in the dining room. one is 'city' and one is 'country.' i nearly commited a deadly holidayvillagefauxpas when i suggested one of the sets of battery operated street lights be used with the country village instead of cramming them both in with the city. silly me- street lights in the country??

the best part is when blimpie hops up into the middle of the country village and settles in for a nap on the cotton 'snow.' it's like a scene from catzilla vs. national lampoon's honey i shrunk the christmas peoples.

i must confess- i really do love the holidays, though. yesterday in biology class i spent an hour figuring out what kinds of cookies i'm going to make this year and then proceeded to make most of my shopping list- it was either that or drool away to the drone of endoplasmic reticulums and mitochondria. 2 weeks of classes to go and the semester is over, praise be.

ok- it's noon now and my tummy is rumbling. more later.

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alyssa j said...

I'm surprised at your village confusion. It's not like Colchester has any streetlights.