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nearing completion....

i'm pleased to report that j.mo's momma's deck is nearing completion. just a few last things to take care of (lattice etc) before we can stain it and call it a day. considering we're 100% amateurs in the deck-building arena, i think we've done pretty well. i'm thrilled no one has been seriously injured. and now that we're all BFF's, the staff of our local lowes will be joining us for thanksgiving this year. a win-win for everyone.




the happy workers, feeling fresh at the end of the day:


everyone's favorite job-site supervisor:



last weekend i had the urge to shave all my hair off. for years and years i had super short hair. then, a little more than a year ago i started to let it grow out. and while it was good fun to buy 'product' and have hair that 'did things,' i kinda missed my fuzzhead. so i thought it over and busted out the clippahs yesterday. justin may have brought sexy back, but i'm bringing velcro back-

Photo 26


would you prefer an aisle or window seat?

and have you considered optional MANPADS protection for you upcoming flight?

from cnn.com:

Passenger plane flies with laser-system that repels missiles

(CNN) -- The first passenger plane equipped with a system to repel shoulder-fired missiles successfully completed its flight, a British defense and aerospace company announced Wednesday.

The system aims to protect against fire from missile launchers like these, which were used to fire at an Israeli plane.

1 of 2 The "JetEye" infrared missile-defense system was tested on an American Airlines flight that took off July 11, according to a statement from BAE Systems.

The plane flew from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Los Angeles International Airport in California, the company said.

The JetEye system works by detecting the heat-seeking missiles and then firing a laser, which diverts the missile.

American Airlines refused to make the system mandatory on all trips, but agreed to cooperate with the tests.

The flight represents the final phase of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's Counter-Man-Portable Air Defense System (MANPADS) program, designed to test the suitability of missile-protection equipment for commercial aircraft.

you have to be kidding?? of all the potential acronyms out there, homeland security settled on MANPADS. MANPADS? ugh.


reason #957 i-heart-super88

in the produce section, somewhere between plums and nectarines:



a day for goodbye


i am blessed to be a witness
some have flown away
and can't be with us here today
like the hills of my home
some have crumbled and now are gone
gather around for today won't come again
i am blessed to be a witness

-ben harper

a few pics


hanging with the animals

how much do i miss these guys???????



saying goodbye

yesterday morning the phone rang and it was the news i had been both expecting and dreading for a while now. one of my favorite persons and closest friends passed away. i'm going to miss my grandma more than i can explain, but i know everything is how it should be now.

i love this pic of the three of us:
7-4-2008 11;18;50 AM

and this one too:

Thich Nhat Hanh says-

Let us meditate on the birth of a cloud. The cloud was water in an ocean, lake, river and heat from the sun gave it birth – the moment of continuation. Rain is a continuation of the cloud. When I drink tea, it’s very pleasant to be aware I am drinking cloud.

It is impossible for a cloud to die. It can become water, snow – it cannot become nothing. It is also impossible for us to die. Speech, action and thought continue in the future. When we pronounce a word that is compassionate, good and beautiful that is our continuation. The person who dies still continues- They continue in us and around us.

Rain is a continuation of the cloud.

I'm feeling a little sad and quiet, but I'm happy it's raining today.