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once... twice...

so we all remember the little post a few days back about mr-throwing-up-into-his-own-sweatpants...?

pass the rubber gloves- because last night it was 'thank you may i have another.'

last night my friend shun and i are on the T, headed back to dorchester. the woman sitting across from us took a drink of water at one point and spit it out on the floor. not exactly the most attractive thing to see- but we're on the T, not the orient express. so i think to myself 'it was only water,' remember that it's a mere $44 a month for my T pass, and look the other way.

until she puts her head down and starts throwing up.

while i'm pretty much ok with everything you see on the T, all the recent throwing up is getting to be a bit much. it would be nice to just be able to get on the train and get off without having to change cars part way home and then not have any appetite the rest of the night.

if you're feeling unwell, perhaps a warm, crowded ride on the T isn't exactly what you need. repeat after me: nausea & public transport do not mix.


shel said...

3rd times a charm

mag said...

i knew there was a down side to the redline

Lyss said...

so gross! I cannot deal with people throwing up, it makes me nauseaus too.