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not nervous...

i'm really not nervous that in class tonight my group has a 75-minute presentation to get through.

really not nervous at all.

did i mentioned i'm not nervous?

everyone knows about the social capital of vietnamese youth in new orleans, right? so what's there left to talk about that isn't old news?

anyways, i'm sure we'll trudge on through just fine. but i wanted to offer up an excuse for not blogging the last day or two. i-heart-groupwork.

well, that and i also wanted to mention that two days ago i had bloodwork done for life insurance (how grown up is that?? life insurance?? but in the unfortunate event i don't survive my next ride on the redline i would never want to leave little johnny on his own with a mortgage and all the other bills. and let's face it, nothing says romance like a life insurance policy). so the whole point of this rambling- is that when i got dressed at o'dark hundred this morning i decided on just a polo shirt since it's 60 something degrees out there- ok whatever. but i didn't notice until i got to work that where the nurse took the blood is black and blue with a nice red dot in the middle.

so now when i get up in front of the class for the presentation they're all going to think i shot up heroin in the bathroom mere moments ago.

'oh man, look at him- he's gotta be high. '
'yeah, i saw him coming outta the mens room a little while ago...'
'and that arm... what a mess.'

oh well- maybe it will help to keep everyone's attention ;)

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