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just a few days left...

until i put on my mashed potato floaties and do a perfect swandive into a pool of vegan gravy. it's quite the show, i assure you. speaking of all things vegan, how jealous are y'all that you won't be gnawing on one of these faux-meat beauties on thursday?
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that's right- it's a quorn roaster. nothing says thanksgiving like a little log of turkey-esque mycoprotein... (whatever that is) didn't i read somewhere that the pilgrims stole quorn from the indians?

i really do get excited about thanksgiving, though. it's so much fun to plan the menu and then spend all that time in the kitchen with j.mo. i also enjoy seeing my barely 5-foot tall mother man-handling a turkey nearly the size of her torso. what could be better than seeing her on a step stool at the sink as she wrestles the thing into submission and then dives into it up to her shoulders as she fishes out the riblets, niblets, giblets and chitlins. that quorn roaster is sounding better and better isn't it?

so our menu this year:
turkey for the carnivores
quorn roasters for the granola munchers
lil g's world famous mashed potatoes
j.mo's world famous stuffing
maple syrup sweet potatoes
roasted butternut squash
green beans'n'carrots
homemade cranberry sludge
chocolate chip hazelnut cookie sundaes
and a complimentary stomach pump on your way out the door

with thanksgiving just around the corner that also means there are just a few days left at work for me. i'll be all done here on wednesday, so i brought an extra large bag with me today so i can start packing. it's amazing how much you can accumulate in a little over two years... of course most of my gear is food-related: i think i have 6 or 7 varieties of tea and enough cutlery and dishes to serve a dinner party of 8.

so that's about all for now. hope everyone had a good weekend and your short week gets off to a quick and easy start.


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