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i'm just about packed up and ready to head off to merida again. my flight is at 1.30p today, so i've decided to leave the house 3 hours early in preparation for the cirque de securite. i've been drinking water non stop this morning. and i also ate a whole stick of chapstick, since i'm about to be cut off from the gel-like comfort i treasure most.

i'm still not convinced that my chapped lips are an issue of national security, but i guess i'll just roll with it today.

i'm brining the laptop to merida this time, so hopefully i'll have some time for bloggin' in the evenings... stay tuned.

otherwise, no huge news- it was a lovely weekend. j.mo and i had a proper date-night and saw a movie (quinceanera) and had awesome food at border cafe. i think i ate my weight in chips'n'guac. we also got to hang out with maggie and jon, recently returned from the UK.

oh yeah- and friday night with froggie and throwing muses was awesome. it was the perfect weekend for all these happenings- lovely and warm. froggie and i walked all the way from cambridge to dorchester after the show on friday night. bliss!

i'm off- hope everyone has a good monday.


a perfect day in boston on friday
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froggie & g at castle island
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soundtrack courtesy of miss kristin and throwing muses
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mag said...

i am still full from eating 4 cupcakes. i had two for breakfast on Monday and then had a serious diabetic episode. but it was worth every blissful bite.

g said...

i've got the frosting crash-cart on standby!

froggie said...

i had a most fabulous time walking home with you the whole time was amazing... plus, you should see my leg muscles now...HUGE..