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6p tortillas and salsa

and then it was my favorite part of the day. 6pm es tiempo para tortillas, salsa y cerveza. the work day is over and dinner is at least 3 hours away, so that all leads to a whole lotta snacking...

i'm the wickidsmaht one who brought the laptop and digital camera thinking i would take pics and blog every day. except i forgot the usb cable for the digital camera. so any and all visual aids are on you until i get back to boston. carry on.

merida has been good so far. it's nice to be bonding with the new coworkers and being eaten alive by the mosquitos *inside* the office. i've taken to rubbing my limbs in local no-name tequila... takes care of mosquitoes and has also removed all that unwanted bodyhair. now that's one stop shopping.

last night we ate at this place called 'india bar.' so i get all worked up into a chickpealather during the day at the thought of indian food that night. we arrive to find the place bursting with all things bhindi decor... excellent, excellent. sit down, order bears... open menus- not a single item of indian food to be found. chinese- of course. italian, why not? and mexican- naturally. but sadly, not a chaana nor a bharta to be found. i think i've officially eaten 20lbs of avocado by now.

i did have time to check in at cnn.com and boston.com today and was happy to see it was an eventful day of happenings up north. :

in the news-
3 new planets

182 people on a united flight diverted en route from london to DC due to 1 bathroom frequenting crazy with hand cream and a pack of matches

and 1 dead mystery beast in maine

with all that news i hope there was still time for traffic and weather ;)

alrighty- time to get ready for dinner.

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