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i never thought i'd see the day when my dad had more hair than my mom...

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but 18 sessions of chemo since the beginning of may will do that you, i suppose. all things considered, i think she's doing amazingly well and looks awesome.

in a few weeks she has a dr's appointment to check and see if the treatment worked. fingahs, toes and eyes crossed. in the meantime, here's to one of the strongest people i've ever met. i'm so proud of all the hard work you've done, mum... and i sure do love you :)


john said...

there you go making us all tear up again... ;)

alyssa j said...

It's funny how the three of us can say so much crap about our parents sometimes, but in the end they're still the strongest people we know. We should expect nothing less from the people that brought forth such fahn specimens as ourselves. :)

john said...

lys, you've never spoken such poignant words... ;)

g said...

wickid fahn specimens ;)