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what am i saying goodbye to? that would be my free time. now that the lovely labor day long weekend is over that means school starts again. in fact, it starts tomorrow :(

one class sounds perfect for me: international student advising

the other sounds like an extended session of watching that guy clip his nails on the T a few months back: conceptualizing intercultural relations

i also have a 90minute french exam coming up next week. i started reviewing over the weekend so i don't get my plus-que-parfaits mixed up with my reflexives. so needless to say, things are about to get very busy again. sometimes that's how i work best, though- way too much going on and not much time to get things done.

and some other times it just makes me crazy. fasten your seatbelt, j.mo...

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john said...

please. even at your worst, you're never as mentally unstable as i am on a good day. bring it on.