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two cents

there are two things in the news right now that i've got to comment on:

South Dakota law bans most abortions

by far the most sickening part of this whole thing: 'State lawmakers had rejected proposed amendments that would have made exceptions for rape or incest.'

that's why we're gonna drive out to south dakota in a big ol' blue state bus plastered with pictures of bleedin' heart liberals, american flags, a troupe of angry feminists clinging to the roof rack, and an exhasut pipe spewing granola and condoms all the way to sioux falls. and when we get there we're gonna help evacuate all the lovely ladies of the upper midwest who would rather not have their innocent ovaries caught in the crossfire at republicandickfest2006.

and how about these two?
Police hunt pair who torched homeless man

surely there are better ways to make sure the neighborhood homeless keep warm this time of year than lighting them on fucking fire. unreal. and so sad.

what kind of sick peoole would do something like this?? good luck to you when you come back next time around as an ant... an ant that's being chased around the front porch by a pudgy five year old with a magnifying glass focused in on your ass on a hot july day. you smell something burning?

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