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last call...

yesterday was all about buying things, superconsumptionsunday- mostly things for the new abode. a new couch (special order with the exact fabric/color we wanted), a new dining room table & chairs and a big ol' cart full of stuff from target.

and since this is probably the last time i/we will willingly shell out large amounts of cash before mortgagelockdown begins, i figured i should buy a few things for myself too while there's still some extra $ in the budget.

i wouldn't exactly call a pair of jeans and a couple of new shirts a splurge, but perhaps this was a little over the top:

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that's right- there's gonna be a dean & deluca 40-spice-make-me-moist-menagerie parked on our granite. maybe i spend a little too much time in the kitchen, but this has probably become one of the top 5 reasons i'm excited to move. (the other 4 reasons, in no particular order- no more triplecathairtumbleweed, no commuter rail rumbling through the backyard, no bathroom leaking through the ceiling into the kitchen, and last but not least- it's all ours!)

i also bought myself some sneakers that i'm rather excited about as well...
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ok- i'll stop now. back to shoveling plane tickets into the travelfurnace.


shellie said...

cute shoes! where'd you get the spice menage, ben would die for one of those...

g said...


i'm gonna be curryspice from now on. which spicehooch do you wanna be? (well, now that i think of it chickensaltspice is sounding good too.)