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headed south...

tomorrow j.mo and i embark on a little adventure we affectionately refer to as gluttonfest'06. time to pack up and head south to the great red beyond for a spring break full of lys, the ladies of the plantation, and general lethargy, overeating, and hours of vh1. beyond the carb-bliss and inevitable 5 extra lbs i'll be taking home with me as carry on, it's also going to be in the 80's. do you know what the means to a couple of frostbitten new englanders who have been dealing with 20 degrees and 'breezy' since november??

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these truly are the only people i'd risk bluelife and gaylimb for-

free tickets from delta- check.
apron- check.
recipes- check.
vegan chocolate chips- check.
soy chicken sandwiches for the ride to south carolina- check.
schoolcrap that i won't look at (but hauling it around will appease my guilt)- check.
flipflops- check.
one date with a southern institution i've always hoped to visit- check:

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www.pigglywiggly.com i'm all over any establishment involving food and a dancing pig mascot!

bring it on- at least this time we're not trekking to the asshole of texas to see you guys. there's no place like an army base in central texas for aesthetics, culture... although the chewing tabacco and pick up trucks was a nice touch. we all spent the bulk of that weekend on the couch with the upright vacuum cleaner between us since it was the only thing that would keep roxilla the shebeast-remotecontrol-eating-cowdog at bay (she hated the vacuum cleaner) don't get me wrong, time spent with lys and her lil'uns is second to none and i wish we could do it more often. i'm just thrilled we don't have to return to texas. and i'm sure she is too ;)

see you tomorrow ladies :)(:


alyssa j said...

i'm concerned that, yet again, the apron has made the list but the pants haven't. i thought we had agreed against bare-assed curry this time around.

alyssa j said...

oh, and we can both put our school crap in a pile together. they can keep themselves company.

g said...

excellent- communal (bare-assed apron wearing) procrastination.... could this get any better?

alyssa j said...

just, the bbq place i'm addicted to whose sauce they won't sell in the stores any more because colonol sanders' twin brother who owns the place raised the confederate flag and won't lower it.

g said...

that dixie tune's pretty catchy... will they be playing that tomorrow when we land?

alyssa j said...

they don't fire up the orchestra for yanks, but not to worry - i have dixie for a horn honk in the new car.