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i love boston

from boston.com:

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When snow makes parking all the more difficult on South Boston streets, residents who shovel employ a variety of techniques to preserve their hard-earned spaces. Among the devices spotted yesterday, two days after the weekend blizzard, were (clockwise, from top left) a propane tank on a ladder, a dining room chair, crates, cones, and a half-keg of beer. (Photos by John Tlumacki/ Globe Staff)

when j.mo and i lived in dorchester we kept a lawn chair in the trunk of his car for this exact reason. sure it's a little ghetto to see all sorts of household items lining the streets, but hey- you shovel for over an hour only to find someone else in your spot when you get home (and even without the snow, parking was already hard enough)...

here's a link to the whole article...


john said...

i don't know which is more hysterical: the propane tank on the ladder? or the half-beer keg?


(drink ups kidz!)

bnuts said...

i say take the keg and run