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lost and found

so yesterday i'm sitting on the orange line on my way home from school when i happen to look over at the seat next to me:

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anyone lose their pizza dough? at least that's what it appeared to be- i wasn't brave enough to get any closer than required to take a quick photo, just in case it wasn't dough (this is public transport, afterall)

i was thoroughly confused and a little amused at the same time. i've seen all kinds of things on the T, but i've never had a blob of dough ride with me from downtown crossing to forest hills.


shellie said...

the mothership left it there oh great spoogey. you missed the calling and your tinfoil helmet will be revoked.

g said...

you can't take my tinfoil helmet. that's my helmet. no- not taking my helmet... i'm gonna blow the building up...

jason said...

you should have made a little flag to stick in it. claim that land as your own.