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where's the love...?

happy valentine's day peeps... normally a dozen roses at south station goes for $19.95 today they're selling for a whopping $39.95- where's the love?

this would be why our valentine celebrations consist of homecooked vegan dindins and the news at 11pm after school for me and job #2 for j.mo- no flowers (see above), no chocolate since we're both lactards and slutty lingerie is out because we're saving for 'the great escape' (my new name for our upcoming attempt at buying a condo- stay tuned for developments on this front... sunday is mortgage meeting day).

i feel bad that i've been a bad blogger lately, but well- there just aren't enough hours in the day... i'll get it together eventually :)


mag said...

lactards? you are halarious! good luck with the meeting. i hope it can work out for you :)

shellie said...

happy vday cleatus, i had enough chocolate for both of us. mission accomplished.