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*recently redefined as anything other than the past week

oh me oh my where to begin, i ask you?

this has been one of the strangest (and at times most trying) weeks of my life. i/we've been living in some sort of c-grade twilight zone for days now, complete with the basement created 'special' effects where you can see the strings... and don't forget the bad voiceovers too. i certainly don't want to bore/freak you out with the details and quite frankly i'd rather not relieve any of it anyways, so let's just say that j.mo's mum got really sick. after a string of sleepless nights, a marathon clean-up of ungodly proportions, a trip to the hospital, missed work, and other assorted pleasantries things have calmed down a little and the necessary features of daily life (ie: soy lattes, the o-b-g-y-m and blogging) can more or less resume.

while she's doing better that earlier in the week there remain some rather large questions bobbing around on the horizon. the extent of her recovery? returning to work? being home alone during the day? and the severity of the inevitable next round of unwellness? time will tell, i suppose. and it's really going to take a few weeks of watching and waiting before we can really understand where this is all leading.

in the meantime, my heart goes out to my guy. there's nothing harder in this situation than having to watch him deal with all of this. i can handle the myriad of details and issues and problems and do whatever has to be done... kinda like the postal service making the rounds no matter what the weather(i think it may be an aquarian thing)- that is until i have to see john trudge through it as well. there isn't anything i wouldn't do for him (or his mum for that matter). and if anything speaks to the kind of love we share it's seeing how even under the most stressful, emotional and uncertain of circumstances we move as one. he truly is the most wonderful person i've ever known and spending my days with him is nothing short of a privilege.

pass the kleenex.

that'll do as far as that topic goes. well- one last thing. i owe a few people a sincere thanks. thank you andrea and danny for being there on wednesday. thank you maggie for being there for me with all your lovin' and insight on this topic. and a big thanks to my own mom for coming to boston on friday to spend the day here so john and i could go to work and have a little mental break from the constant worry- even if it was only for a day you have no idea the world of good it did all of us.

upwards and onwards.

the butter queen recently informed us all she's shedding her yenta ways and splurging on such things as take-out (sorry, take-away in commonwealth speak) and movies. but then today i read that her and dr jon are taking it a giant step further. they're going to some sort of classical music shindig in london. sherry and smoking jackets- that's what comes to mind. anyone who knows mags- can you picture her with a cigar?

i'm worried. why? because in less than three weeks j.mo and i are jetting off to london for my birthday to see jon and mags. and if they've gone all classicalmusichighbrow on me then what's gonna happen to our hands-tied-behind-our-backs-all-we-can-eat-curry-binge? and will there still be mango chutney wrestling afterwards? this could change everything!

i know there's more, but i'm running out of steam.... that's what going to work *and* visiting the gym on a saturday will do to ya.

let's see- last random bits. i got my grades for the semester and nearly fell over when i saw i got 5 A's. there's no way i got an A in economics (trust me, j.mo and i did the math)- buddha bless grading on a curve. i hate to blow my own horn (let's face it- i just don't have that kind of dexterity) but damn- on top of work, an additional part time job and fulltime school... i was quite content, to say the least. now i'm just waiting to hear from grad school. classes start the 20-something of january, so if i'm getting in i'll be hearing any minute now. and if i'm not getting in there will be one flaming bag of dog poo left on the doorstep of lesley university's admissions office, that's fo sho.

lasagna's nearly done and so am i.

more at 11.



john said...

i could never get through any of this without you G.

i love you so much.

(ok, time for the pats game... see, like you said, life has to continue in some fashion...)

chixie said...

you're both the greatest!

g...what classes did you sign up for?

shel said...

hello dear, i've been on vacation so i wasn't able to catch up on the posts. i'm sorry you guys are having a tough time, just wanted to let you know i was thinking about you. i say let the stahbie's flow...