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do you smell something burning?

as soon as i woke up this morning i came right downstairs and explained the dream i'd just had to j.mo...

we were both at something resembling my work xmas party (i say 'resembling' because i skillfully dodged that evening under the guise of final exams/not-tonight-i-have-a-headache). a certain recently plumpified celebrity that sings on a frequency audible only to humback whales (and unfortunately humans) was scheduled to perform:
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and all everyone was talking about the entire evening was how awful, how absolutely tragic it was that mariah carey had burnt her mouth on an xmas light during her performance-
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it all happened so fast. that mouth. the squealing. the xmas lights. and before anyone knew what was going on she was being carried off the stage, leaving a trail of smoke and the faint odor of grilled salmon in her orally scorched wake:
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i couldn't make this shit up if i wanted to. where does it come from is what i want to know? well, actually- i can explain the mariah carey cameo. new year's eve the tv was switched on at the party we were at around 11.30p- just in time to see this side of beef-- i mean linebacker-- i mean on ramp to I-95 north... err, you get the point.
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holy guacamole...

topping other random news this fine long weekend... we finally went to see bareback- oopsies- brokeback mountain.
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very good movie considering heath was in it- normally i'm the spokesperson for any australian export that finds its way north but he's one that should have stuck to sheep shearing in goulburn.
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(yes it's really the worldest largest merino sheep with a giftshop inside. yes i've been there- july 1992)
jake g on the other hand-
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oh yeah- wyoming was looking pretty sexy too ;)

before the movie we hit up the gap to dig through the piles of end-of-year sale bits (aka gifts people promptly returned as soon as their givers had cleared out). this year my mostly lame boss didn't walk around the corner to stahbies or dunkin donuts and get us all gift cards. instead he sent us an email before he retreated to the most (self)important country on zee planete saying that for xmas we could expense $50 worth of anything we wanted. while i appreciate being able to spend $50 on anything and later being reimbursed for it, wouldn't you agree that's a lame gift? no card, no personally delivered thanks for shoveling group pnrs into the travelfurnace all year...

anyways- i can't wait to fill out my expense report tomorrow- which category do i enter 'NEW UNDERWEAR $12.50' under again?

hope everyone had a good new year's.

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