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today it begins...


today i have my first final... monday is the last day of classes and then my other four finals are all crammed into the end of next week.

but when the dust settles and grades are in i will finally have made my australian bachelor's degree equivalent to an american bachelor's and can get on with the show. i'm rather excited by the prospect of sitting in a classroom next semester that isn't full of 18 or 19 year old kids that all spend the entire class either text messaging or IM'ing each other. oh the sweet bliss that will be classes with *adults*

anyways- today's going to be a good day because all of the exec's and many of my other co-workers are at an off site meeting- so that means i can listen to fnx all day without having to worry about any noise complaints and will spend the bulk of the day doing schoolwork. oh yeah- and a two hour trip to the gym.

and next week, i only have to work one day :) now that makes me happy, even if it is only 18 balmy degrees out. brrrrr....

ps- nearly forgot... stahbies was having some serious issues this morning... only three people working instead of the usual 5 or 6, cranky people waiting outside in the wind tunnel that is winter street in a *long* line, spilled coffee- so after waiting 10 mins to order they started giving free coffee to everyone :P :P :P :P i nearly got back in line after i got my first gingerbread soybliss.

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froggie said...

i am listening to judas mon couer....and i was thinking of you and then i get to read all about what's going on with you today so it feels a little bit like you are here, or i am there. me miss you.