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protest, interrupted

on my way back from the o-b-g-y-m i passed by the armed forces recruiting place a few doors down. as usual, the recruiters were standing around outside smoking- the guys have a habit of 'befriending' any lady that happens to make the mistake of passing by... what exactly are they recruiting for-? yup, tax $'s at work.

and across the street was a huge group of worker's rights protesters making their way up to the state house.

recruiter1 said to recruiter2: 'thank god it's someone else's turn today- i couldn't leave here tuesday night to go home until the cops showed up.'

once or twice a month (sometimes more often) the recruiters get harassed en masse by angry college kids, most with piercings and blue hair. tuesday's protest was unusually well attended and loud since there was all that press about the supreme court hearing on the recruiting-on-campus challenge. it's quite fun to watch from the sixth floor. the big burly army guys can't leave and all the neighborhood crazies turn out to see what's going on. a political cirque du soleil sans deodorant.

(lys- i half expect the glss bus to pull up and kendra to hop out and work the crowd for a while)

good stuff indeed.

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alyssa j said...

The best part is that if the recruiters don't hit their goals there's gonna be a draft, and then the protesters can take it to Washington where it belongs anyway. Those two schmucks have probably been to Iraq and back themselves, and it's not like they're calling the shots.