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RLS (also known as really lame syndrome)

we don't watch a ton of tv- mainly for reasons like this:

the other night we saw an ad that could have easily passed as an SNL creation. it was for a drug called requip- a drug to treat something called 'restless leg syndrome.'
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restless leg syndrome? is this shit for real? i'm afraid so. another drug company has invented yet another awful 'disease' that afflicts at least nine out of ten unfortunate americans. i'm sure it has nothing to do with appalling diets and a complete lack of exercise (unless you count trips to/from the fridge). i'm also sure that it costs $150 for a 2 week supply and is non-habit forming, even though it needs to be taken daily and turns your legs into jello and instantly puts you to sleep.

'Are your legs keeping you up at night?® Do you dread long business meetings, going to the movies, or traveling on an airplane because you know your restless legs won't let you sit still?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com You just know you'll have to get up to relieve the discomfort in your restless legs disturbing your work colleagues, other moviegoers, and fellow passengers.'

i don't know about you, but i can't stand it when my legs insist on resting on top of my head...
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and really- all those straps and tie-downs do get a bit much after a while...
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maybe RLS explains why i had the uncontrollable urge to bust into the running man waiting in the self-checkout line at the grocery store yesterday?

thanks to requib we no longer have to suffer alone with this terrible disease.
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