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3 down, 2 to go

i've multiple-choiced, short answered and essayed my way through 3 of my 5 finals. i've got one tomorrow morning (doesn't an exam on a saturday morning count as cruel and unusual?) and my last one is monday night- same night as j.mo's. and then i can finally relax a little and enjoy the holidays.

well, i did have an excellent day yesterday with my dear butter queen. after an hour of physical torture at the o-b-g-y-m in the morning i met up with mags and we meandered around back bay, doing a little christmas shopping and munching along the way. we had sushi with spinach, tomato and avocado (amongst other varieties) that was simply to die for. i would have never thought that seaweed and tomato work- but it was a little roll of makibliss.

later in the day we finally visited the holy mecca of cheap yet irresistably funky and functional swedishglampressboardhomefurnishings'n'fixins. i mean c'mon- any place that sells a sectional sofa for $299 *and* 75cent coffee that actually tastes good... not to mention all the meatballs you can eat (sadly of the once mooing non-soy variety... but they're european, i won't hold it against them).

i was rather impressed.

and the day before that my mum came for a visit and we had a great day in the city. it's always nice to spend time with someone who doesn't venture out of the wilderness too often- it reminds me just how much i love boston and how unlikely it is i could ever live any place else.

tonight i think we're getting bertucci's and that makes me moist. there's no denying that i'm exhauseted- in every sense of the word... all i need right now is for my guy to hurry up and get home from work so that we can spend some time together with the fireplace going and a giant pizza parked on the floor between us. it's his simple wholewheatlovin' that makes this all worth it :)(:

have a good weekend-


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