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i should have known...

it's nearing 1am and i'm wide awake. i think it may have something to do with the 13 hours of sleep we got last night. so what better way to while away the hours until my narcolepsy returns than a little blogging...

so after the marathon sleepfest was over i headed off to the obgym and after that had to visit target to finish my xmas shopping. i knew it was going to be a little on the busy side at target, but i was totally unprepared for that hour long adventure in holidayretailpurgatory that awaited me.

the parking lot should have been my first clue.
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bodhi and i nearly got backed over by a little asian woman piloting a comparatively giant white minivan. she had driven up the curb while trying to slip into a parking spot as a car was leaving. so she decided that since *she was the only person in the parking lot* she would simply reverse off the curb and into my lap.

and then there was the woman mouthing off at the poor kid trying to push 40 carts back to the store- the first couple carts at the front had broken loose so he left the whole thing where it was to chase after the runaways, blocking a tank-sized expedition and its holidayrager of a driver in its parking space. she was pissed.

things weren't much better inside. the closer it gets to xmas the higher the level of crazed retail desperation- this i should have remembered. normally i quite enjoy the target in dorchester. it's close to home and it's 1million times better than the kmart that used to be in the same spot. when it was a kmart you only went there if you were high, travelling en masse, and there was absolutely no other option for getting whatever it was that was bringing you to the threshold of painfulshoppinghell. today target was a litte more like the kmart of yesterday. there were no carts. huge lines. there were lots of upset children. and the model UN harmony of urban vietnamese, various island peeps, ghetto folk, crackahs from southie, eastern europeans, gays etc that normally exists had broken down into some perverse turf war for holiday fixin's- would the fags find the 49cent gift bags before the haitians bought them out?
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i don't know who found them first- but someone didn't make it out alive.

oh well- serves me right for venturing into retail land the weekend before xmas. at least i'm officially done now. just a little more wrapping and it's all over. well, all over other than the cookie making marathon that awaits. j.mo helped me compile the list of all the appropriate quantites of the necessary ingredients. 12 sticks of (soy)butter and 8lbs of flour, just to name a few- i don't mess around when it comes to xmas cookies.

ok- time for a snack and bed (hopefully!)

hope everyone's week gets off to a good start :)


shel said...

12 sticks of soy butter? sounds like a party to me, when's the cookie massacre begin?

g said...

as soon as you get choself to beantown...

fyi- BYO sprinkles...