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let us join hands and pray for an iceberg.

unreal. palin? who?

today was a little busy at work so i didn't have any spare time to check out the hubbub surrounding mccain's choice of vice presidential running mate. with pizza and ore ida happily sizzling away at 425 degrees for 20mins, i had just enough time to kill online with a quick read of reaction to mccain's selection for minime08. and am i glad that i refrained from passing bluestate judgment without all my facts.

boston.com had these bits in their coverage of her nomination:


"Some of life's greatest opportunities come unexpectedly," said Palin, describing herself as "just your average hockey mom in Alaska."

She told the crowd of her career in public office, starting as a mayor, then a state ethics commission, and now governor.

"As governor I've stood up to the old politics as usual," she said, citing her record in office, including passing ethics reform and returning oil revenues to Alaska taxpayers.

"It's safer in politics to avoid risk," she said about her career, though she could have easily been talking about her own selection. "A ship in harbor is safe, but that's not why a ship is built."

wait a minute.

that last line- why did that stop me in my tracks? where have i heard it before? ships, safety, why it's built? hmmmmmm....

no fucking way! while i was finishing up grad school and working at the travelgulag, i used to roll my eyes every time i walked past this gem of fresh squeezed corpricana 'art' hung between the photocopier and big-banged, denim-on-denim, twelve year associate with the personality of one of those shaky raisin-sized chihuahuas:


oh yeah, that's just what we need- a vice presidential hopeful that spouts off a b-grade mass produced motivational corporate-ism as if she was the bigbrained inventor that brought us the not available in stores salad shooter. you were just asked to run as a vice presidential candidate (!) and all you have to offer up is something i could have pulled out of a stale grouptravelfortunecookie? you have to be kidding me? i wonder if anyone else in the blog/media world is going to point this out?

she may be america's 'hottest governor'


but she sure ins't our brightest, most articulate bulb. well done, mccain- clearly you've got it going on. how in the world will obama ever manage to compete with the sheer genius that is the mccain-palin senility-hockeymom superteam?? hopefully the hms republicana will run into one of the last globally-warmed breakaway icebergs before they all disappear. november 4th can't get here fast enough- big money, no whammies.

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