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confession: i've been a vegetarian for 14 years, the past 8 of which have been spent living in boston. and i have never, not once, done any fruit&veggie shopping at haymarket. for the non-boston-sorts, haymarket is an old school, open-air, weekend produce market that's open year-round. i had wandered through once or twice before, but never really took the time to go shopping.

continuing our recent theme of city re-discovery, we grabbed a couple of shopping bags and hopped on the T earlier today to finally visit the market and do some shopping.


it was packed, but awesome- not only were the bargain prices enough to make you want to take up arms the next time you're poking around the priced-up pallid produce piles at the neighborhood supermarket, but the experience of being amongst the crowd, buying uberfreshyums from the hard-working crew was fabulous- i'd much rather leave my $ there. we parted with a whopping $18 and look at what we got:


unbelievable. and we're completely lame for not doing this sooner. i think a weekend trip to haymarket will now be a permanent feature. gotta go, time to get me some strawberries :P


Bob said...

Can't believe it took you that long.

It's a little easier on Fridays during the day if you can manage it.

Stewart said...

Uberfreshyums? Most of what's for sale at Haymarket is disgusting. There's a reason why most of the vendors won't let you pick your own: the good stuff up front is for display only and you get sold the half-rotted stuff in the back. I'll stick with Russo's, thanks.

NFG said...

Haymarket is a fine place for produce, but it's not particularly fresh and probably not local (it's mainly leftovers from the wholesale produce warehouses in East Boston and Chelsea that weren't sold to local stores and restaurants). For fresh local produce, check out the farmers markets around the city.