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nearing completion....

i'm pleased to report that j.mo's momma's deck is nearing completion. just a few last things to take care of (lattice etc) before we can stain it and call it a day. considering we're 100% amateurs in the deck-building arena, i think we've done pretty well. i'm thrilled no one has been seriously injured. and now that we're all BFF's, the staff of our local lowes will be joining us for thanksgiving this year. a win-win for everyone.




the happy workers, feeling fresh at the end of the day:


everyone's favorite job-site supervisor:



last weekend i had the urge to shave all my hair off. for years and years i had super short hair. then, a little more than a year ago i started to let it grow out. and while it was good fun to buy 'product' and have hair that 'did things,' i kinda missed my fuzzhead. so i thought it over and busted out the clippahs yesterday. justin may have brought sexy back, but i'm bringing velcro back-

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jilly-d said...

i am very impressed. Nice job boys :)

G, i LOVE your t-shirt!