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saying goodbye

yesterday morning the phone rang and it was the news i had been both expecting and dreading for a while now. one of my favorite persons and closest friends passed away. i'm going to miss my grandma more than i can explain, but i know everything is how it should be now.

i love this pic of the three of us:
7-4-2008 11;18;50 AM

and this one too:

Thich Nhat Hanh says-

Let us meditate on the birth of a cloud. The cloud was water in an ocean, lake, river and heat from the sun gave it birth – the moment of continuation. Rain is a continuation of the cloud. When I drink tea, it’s very pleasant to be aware I am drinking cloud.

It is impossible for a cloud to die. It can become water, snow – it cannot become nothing. It is also impossible for us to die. Speech, action and thought continue in the future. When we pronounce a word that is compassionate, good and beautiful that is our continuation. The person who dies still continues- They continue in us and around us.

Rain is a continuation of the cloud.

I'm feeling a little sad and quiet, but I'm happy it's raining today.

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