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where i've been

wow- the past few weeks have been anything but the usual. let's see if i can attempt a re-cap with any semblance of order:

so my brief stint as america's next top intern at harvard's international office was the prefect segue to a shiny new job. luckily, while i was at hio i made a few invaluable connections and exactly as dionne warwick predicted (for the bahgain price of $3.99/minute) the planets aligned and out popped a bona fide solid career opportunity that seems to have been custom-designed pour moi. i have to say the interview process was rather full-on. i had to take 3 sick days from my soon-to-be-no-longer-job in travelparadise and met with 11 different people, all individually(!) but it was well worth the effort- starting june 9th i'll be the manager of immersion programs at harvard business school, working on existing short term study abroad programs as well as helping to research and develop new programs. i could not be more excited. i'm thrilled to have landed a job 'in the field' and so closely tied to both what i went to school for and what i'm interested in. it's also quite the novelty to work somewhere with actual stability and a professional, supportive environment. i suppose somewhere way down inside i will miss my current nuts-o VP that sees no issue with dropping the f-bomb during our usual weekly meeting.

so that's the big news on the jobfront. j.mo and i headed out today to the wrentham outlets to get me a whole new wardrobe- i've had the luxury of sneakers, jeans, and polo shirts for the last 8+ years of work. it's all shirt & tie and hookah shoes from here on out. that $600 gov-mint stimulus couldn't have come at a better time. i wonder if i can write it off as a charitable donation to the banana republic?

may 18th it was all about this:

and this:

it's kind of a curious feeling to no longer be a student. no more trekking off to class, hours of forced reading, no papers, no friggin groupwork. yeah- i don't think i'll be running back to school anytime soon!

the butter queen was kind enough to think of j.mo and i when she scored some excellent red sox tickets. we had a fabulous time a few nights ago at fenway-





after this lovely long weekend i'm off to washington dc for an international education conference- since i scored the HBS job, i don't have to worry about job hunting anymore, so i can just kick back and enjoy dc ;) when i get back to boston i've got one week left at work and then it's up, up, and away. may 2008 has been an incredible month. grad school was a wonderful experience and seems to have already paid off- but i must admit i'm thrilled at the idea of being able to spend more time at home and with friends and family now that it's back to a normal schedule.

so that's where i've been. hope you're all enjoying the long weekend.


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jilly-d said...

Wow those are killer seats - long live the Butter Queen!

Yard looks fabu as well, congrats on all good things for you!