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a ton of bricks (literally)

ok, i'm mostly going to ignore the fact that it has been over a month since my last post. in 50 words or less, here's where i've been: internship ended, graduation next week, 3rd round of interviews for what could possibly be the perfect job (more on all that later), exercising and running resumed. basically, it's been a thrill and a half to have a normal schedule again and i've been rediscovering all the things i used to enjoy. with this post i hope to be back on the blogginwagon.

there's nothing j.mo and i like more than a project- something around the house, maybe pet-related, an outdoor do-it-choself adventure. living in a relatively small space and lacking a bottomless budget, there aren't all that many projects left for us to do. but we did say last year that we wanted to do something with the front of the house. and for various reasons never got around to it. well last week we got together with the neighbors and decided it was time to get to work on adding a little gayspray to what was a rather sorry bit of front yard.

cue the visuals...

here's what we have been living with: litter-strewn clumps of grass peppered with 'dog treats'(of the non-Franklin variety, of course)- the whole lot inevitably turning brown and dying a crunchy death during the summer months.


not so sexy, huh?

bust out the gloves- you know you live in the hood when there's at least a pound of automotive glass shards in the front yard from the last time a car was broken into.

attack the 'lawn' and tear up all of the grass-




and here come the bricks- literally a ton of them. they're 22lbs each and we carted well over 100 of them home with multiple trips to our local home depot. bricks, oh my bricks. each lifted off of the shelf, loaded on to the trolley, loaded into the car, taken out of the car, stacked into position. and i wonder why i feel like i was hit by a truck this morning.


so 5 trips to home depot, all those bricks, 15 bags of mulch, and a whole bunch of plants and a lot of moaning and groaning later-





well worth the train wreck aching body this morning. hope everyone is having a good weekend- happy mother's day to the mums...

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Juggling Frogs said...

Wow! That's fantastic. You're motivating me to get to our neglected patches. "After" looks like a different world.

I hope it becomes a reverse "broken window syndrome" and spreads across the whole neighborhood.