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if i had a tail, i'd be spinning in circles chasing it. (alternate title: i'll be camped out at the mailbox if anyone needs me)

in high school i ran into kristin hersh's music a la throwing muses and have been a fan ever since. without going gush-y, muses were fab. kristin's career as a solo artist has been unreal and her new band 50footwave gives whole new meaning to rocking out while de-dog hairing the entire house. she's *always* working on something new, music, touring, writing, photos...

last time froggie and i saw her in person we walked all the way home from cambridge to dorchester after the show because, well, it was just that kind of we-need-to-walk-home-type-bliss.

her blog and cashmusic.org bring it all front and center. if you send her an email, she writes back. it's kinda like i half expect to bump into her at the office copy machine tomorrow morning. (although i'd feel woefully unwell if she had to sit under the giant stuffed water buffalo in the 1st floor conference room- no one should ever have to sit there)

well, it all got upped a sabado gigante sized notch when this was posted. for a small bit of $ you get to pick any 10 kh or muses songs and she will record shiny new live versions just for you (along with a hello), sign the cd and mail it off. i'm sure it will be quite the scene when i'm wrapped around the mailman's leg on delivery day.

i don't sell anything- i'm pretty crap at sales in general and know it's best to steer clear. but if you don't know about kristin or what's she's up to, have a look/listen. the soundtrack to my days would be a sad brick of long expired astronaut ice cream without kristin in the mix. thanks k-


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froggie said...

*sigh* that was the most perfect night... the guy with the open sores who wanted to buy a cigarette from me only made it a richer story....and look at how cute she is! me love you!