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big game corpricana

i really wasn't kidding in my last post when i mentioned there was a stuffed and mounted water buffalo bust in our conference room at work:


and a matching gazelle at the other end:


my buddhist/vegetarian/generally peace-lovin' self shudders a little once-upon-a-grassland-sigh every time i set foot into the room. i usually console myself with the faux rationalization that the the water buffalo is a rare tofudebeast and the gazelle a rather furry soybean by product... and if i look closely, turn my head to the side and squint with one eye i can see the little vermin-munching birds hopping about on their motionless heads. hours of entertainment in the usual mind-numbingly lifeless meetings. the idea of the owner hunting these poor things down and then shooting them and dragging their poor deflated shells back to boston doesn't do much for office morale, either. but the meerkats in HR haven't emerged from their burrow long enough for me to me mention that to them- it's hard enough to get my t pass from them every month. i fully expect to see the next mutually-decided-upon-was-been associate to appear stuffed and mounted as well. but that's something for the suggestion box in the kitchen, subject of my next 'yes i really work in a place like this' blog post.

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