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and then we had a dog...

so j.mo and i drove out to an animal shelter in the great beyond that is western mass today to meet a few dogs we saw online. and by 4pm we were eating yet another round of auntie annie's greasebombpretzels off the side of the highway with franklin, the supercute beagle in the back seat. (a side note- after the trip to baltimore, the multiple trips to CT the past few weeks, and today's trek to fetch franklin we've stopped at the same rest stop on the masspike more times than i care to count at this point. and each time an egg-shaped he-princess in powderblue pretzel garb named michael is there to serve up disgustingly good fauxbutter infused twisted dough with way too much salt. mmm good eats.)

back to the dog.

here's franklin, all pooped from his big adventure today including car ride, cat-encounter, neighborhood walk and cootie-be-gone bath:

baby's first bath:

prepare yourselves for a whole lot of 'proud parent' posts :)

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shellie said...

he's so cute!