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my best friend's wedding

hola chicas'n'chicos-

this weekend my best friend annie got married down in CT... she's been the buttah on my wholegrain toast for 15 years now- mira..! that's a whole lot of viewings of national lampoons xmas vacation, feedings of ungodly proportions, and mucho vino. i've even seen her facedown in a bomb crater in normandy and of course there was that wickid bizzah time i ended up with one of her leftover boyfriends ;) oooh- that's a whole 'nuther blogpost right there.

anyways- back to the point. the entire wedding was picture-perfect from start to finish. it was beautiful weather, a lovely ceremony and of course the reception was kick-ass. it was so wonderful to be there for her big day and to catch up with her family too- she's got the kind of flawless fam that instantly sucks you in and spits you out an honorary member... i hold the coveted title of 'favorite nephew.' ;) in addition to all of that, she was kind enough to invite my parents too- and i have to say it was most heartwarming to see them enjoying themselves all night long. i was momentarily horrified when they got up and actually started dancing- but there were no calamities, fractured hips or ambulance rides outta there, so it was all good in the hood. and there were also a few random friends i hadn't seen in ages- lots of gaps to fill in and a good time all around.

some pics:


here's annie and jack- he's a definite keepah... it also doesn't hurt that he's a nyc firefighter and the boys of the firehouse were well-represented saturday night :P



the parental units:






and now the pole-dancing spectacle that was annie's mum, big g and some random chick...

and i absolutely love this one:


shellie said...

she looked beautiful...and you guys were looking pretty sassy yourselves.

froggie said...

she looked amazing and that dress is crazy gorgeous.