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fire it up...

the only thing that can top the community togethaness of trash night in dorchester is the 4th of ju-ly. it doesn't matter if you're vietnamese, cape verdian, b-grade irish from southie or something in between- fireworks in the hood (and a whole shitload of them at that) seem to be a universal.

this was pretty much it, from 8p until whatever time i finally managed to pass out:

not off in the distance, blocks away or over the harbor- more like bouncing off the windows and melting the siding. for hours. we couldn't help but laugh as we were inventing dialogue for the tv show we couldn't hear over the curbsidepyrotechnicdin. when i woke up this morning i had to count my fingers to make sure i hadn't lost any in last night's shananagans. just another reason i-heart-dot.

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