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lady t

let's face it, no one offers up a close encounter with humanity's more colorful quite like the T. they really should work that angle in their advertising. 'ride the T & see some messed up shit'

this 'little' gem happend to be dancing up and down the aisle of the redline train i was on wednesday after class, stopping every so often to thrust and gyrate in a way that made me reach for my purell hand sanitizer just in case an unfortunate lurch in the T led to an unexpected lap dance. she was decked out in a 4sizestoosmallflashdancenumbah gone way wrong circa '82, complete with giant potbelly featuring a large horizontal scar. i'm sure she would have also had on matching legwarmers if they made them in size elephantankle.

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you can understand why i wasn't bold enough to attempt a frontal photo. no need to take a chance on catching this one's attention.

(i think the guy on the left says it all.)


Anonymous said...

That's a man, baby!

Anonymous said...

I think I saw this woman on the Green Line last week. She's insane. Literally--I'm guessing schizophrenia.

Anonymous said...

Oh wow... I thought for sure she was a certified Bus-crazy.
She always stand at the front and shuffles around. I thought at first she just wanted to keep her heart rate up or something by, um, well I guess by standing up at the front of the bus.
I think she recently got a haircut.

Francesca said...

I think you mean she needs legwarmers in size "cankle."