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after i crawled out from under our paralytically excessive brunch i managed to get up off the couch and shower myself. today was one of the last football sundays of the soon ending season, so i decided to join all the other bored wives and go grocery shopping.

super88 seemed to be having some sort of flood control issue today. there was a team of men in rubber boots with hoses everywhere pumping water out of one of the freezers (no doubt all of the once frozen food is presently being re-frozen for re-sale). there was also a large puddle that stretched across 5 aisles of the store. so you could get halfway down an aisle and then had to put it in reverse and loop around to get to the other end. i had to put my floaties on to nab two cans of baby corn.

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this week's sale:
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and nothing says refreshment quite like a nice cold can of wax gourd juice:
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still, it's my favorite place for foodshopping. 4 huge shopping bags full of fresh produce for $18- there's no beating it. tonight we're having a little thaifoodfest. oh my, the bliss that is being off from school for a few more weeks.

hope y'all had a good weekend...

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froggie said...

i'll take the beef balls for $100, please. alex.