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the cheese flavored gods are smiling down on me today....

j.mo and i happened to notice a sign at the much dreaded big e's vermont building a few months ago professing aged cheddar was lactose free. we were both so desperate to get the hell outta there we didn't pause to investigate.

well what do you know....?- from the cheesemasters themselves:

Cabot Products and your Diet
Can those with lactose intolerance (ie me) enjoy Cabot cheeses?All Cabot cheeses contain zero (0) grams of lactose. (0 grams bitches!) Eating any aged cheese should not affect those with lactose intolerance (i'm getting moist), regardless of how much is eaten (!), because lactose - the major carbohydrate of cheese - totally disappears within 3 to 4 weeks after the cheese is made.

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this is major news folks. i-heart-cheese.
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i can totally relate to john's twin sister when she was a little kid, dancing around the kitchen with a slice of american cheese, doing the ancient cheesedance and topping her pasta with an entire can of so much 'stinky cheese' that the sauce disappeared. me too! but unfortunately anything with lactose started making me disgustingly ill around the time i started college (j.mo too). so i've been coping with soy cheese for 10 years now. in light of this recent groundbreaking news the block of sharp vermont cheddar i bought at the supermarket today doesn't stand a chance.

if i don't make it to morning, i guess this is my last blogpost. at least i went out with a cheeseblissbang :)


mag said...

que bueno chico! quiero queso...

shel said...

pizza with cheddar....you need to make up for lost time...

g said...

everything's been 'with cheddar' this week ;)